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  1. Cats can eat shrimp, but when feeding cats and shrimp, pay attention to cooking shrimp and then feed, and clean the shrimp shell and shrimp line.
    This contains a large amount of vitamin B12, which is rich in zinc, iodine, low calories and fat. Eating shrimp has a certain role in beautifying hair for cats.
    Is do not feed too much shrimp to prevent cats from growing too obese or picky eaters. It is best not to eat shrimp skin for kittens. Eating shrimp skin in kittens is easy to digest, and vomiting and constipation occur.
    Mo -raw shrimp can be given to cats. There may be parasites or other germs in the raw shrimp infected with cats. Some cats may be allergic to shrimp. In this case, we should test it in advance. If you find cats allergies, don't give them.

  2. Cats can eat shrimp, don't eat a lot, but try not to eat seafood. The reason why cats cannot eat more seafood: it is easy to cause allergies. Seafood is high in phosphorus, and eating too much can cause kidney burden. Cats are used to foods such as seafood, and it is easy to cause cats to picky and anorexia, so that pet cats develop bad eating habits. Shrimp, sea crabs, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, sardine and horsesy fish.

    The protein of such foods is not easily digested by cats, and it also contains toxins that cause cats allergic. Some seafood can also cause the cat's skin to inflammation. Let the cats eat a small amount before feeding, and give it appropriately after no response. Cats should eat cat food and staple food, and eat less.

    The main points of the feeding of kittens:

    1. Be sure to ensure that it has fresh drinking water at any time. Do not feed too much milk. Drinking too much will cause diarrhea. Press the milk with water and drink it after 1: 1.

    2. For cats, the best food is kittens. Cat food not only contains the need for cats and must not have various nutrients and taste delicious. In order to enrich its recipes, you can also feed it some fresh and cooked fish and chicken in time, but you have to remove your bones.

    3, cats should be fed four times a day before three months, such as 9 am, 12 noon, 6 pm and 10 pm.
    It three to six months old, feed three times a day.

    The twice a day after six months. From then on, it is best to feed dry cats to eat dry food, which is very good for its teeth and gums.

    4. Eating too much is not good for the health of cats. Generally speaking, an adult cat needs 150-200 grams of food per day.

    Feed a little milk cat 5 times just born to 2 months, a cat with a big three months old feeds 4 times a day, and the 5 months old cat will be fed 3 times; , We can choose a cat -specific milk powder,

    remember not to feed with milk, which will cause the cat's gastrointestinal discomfort to cause diarrhea, and the serious situation will die; ,

    This poured milk powder into the needle tube. Remember not to advance too fast when feeding, so as not to reach the cat.

  3. I can eat shrimp because I especially like to eat such things, like fish blind cats can be eaten, and I especially like to eat

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