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  1. 1. Big Dog:
    Migru hunter, also known as the "Big dog", is one of the world's famous dog breeds. It is a hunting dog in classification. It is a very ancient variety. Historically, the Big Big Dog was used to hunt and is one of the smallest hunting breeds. The vertical ear is Migru's biggest feature and selling point. Migru's ears are stipulated that the nose can not grow, and the lower edge of the ears is round and wide. The primary colors of yellow, black, and white are the main colors.

    2, sausage dogs:
    A sausage dogs, also known as pig pork dog, are a hound specially used to capture beasts in narrow caves, Because its limbs are short, the whole body is like a sausage, hence the name of the sausage dog. The dog is produced in Germany. The ears are moderate and width, the roots are close to the back of the head, and the front edge hangs to the cheek, showing a beautiful arc.

    3, Baggi Dog:
    The Baggi Dog is a quite ancient breed, a hound with witty temperament, The Baggi Dog has a larger ears than the face, loose skin and short legs, and a facial expression of grievances. The hair color of the Baggi Dog is generally brown and white, or the three colors of black, brown, and white.

    4. This is also the origin of this breed. The ears are medium size, high position, triangle. When resting, the ears hang on the head. When the Burns mountain dog was alert, the ears turned, the ears were raised, and the highest point of the ears was flat from the top of the head.

    5, blood hunting dog:
    Alias, San San, is one of the oldest varieties in the world, the purest, and largest olfactory hunting dog in the world. The ears feel thin and soft, extremely long, very low, drooping and beautiful folds, curling in the lower part of the interior.

  2. For dogs with long ears,
    should have several types,
    , such as golden retriever Labrado, etc.,
    should be long in the ears,
    And Teddy too.

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