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  1. First, you can choose to go to the pharmacy to buy some medicines for treating infant fever and feed the medicine according to the age of the dog. One or two months dogs are equivalent to one year old, and more than three months are equivalent to two -year -old babies. In this way, the drug measurement is selected. If the condition is serious, the number of drugs can be increased.
    . Remember to feed the anti -inflammatory drugs.
    . Because dogs are anorexia, remember to supplement it for it. This can be used to use glucose, or other high -energy supplements.
    The dog belongs to the ridge animal doors, vertebrates asian, mammalian, real beast subclase, carnivorous eyes, cracked feet, and dogs. Chinese is also known as "dogs", and dogs are distributed around the world. Dogs and horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens are called "six beasts".
    Coster believes that dogs are domesticated from early humans from the Gray Wolf. The domestication time is 40,000 years ago to 15,000 years ago. Known as "the most loyal friend of human beings", it is now the most breeding pet. Its life span is more than ten years.
    In Chinese culture, dogs are one of the zodiac signs and 11th among the zodiac signs.

  2. One may change the environment and not eat. If you feed things, it is best to eat dog food. After soaking in hot water, you can eat it if you have no appetite. If you do n’t eat for two days, your personal suggestion should take it to see the doctor, is it sick? I also bought a 50 -day little Satsuma, which is quite healthy

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, it is recommended to consult a doctor immediately after illness. Drugs are usually used for internal medicine, and surgical diseases need to be treated with surgical diseases. Under normal circumstances, dogs will have symptoms such as mental deficiency, loss of appetite, and abnormal body temperature, and need to be treated in combination with clinical examinations. It is usually recommended that the owner adopt a scientific feeding method and take the dog for a medical examination on a regular basis to clarify the problems of the dog's body as soon as possible.nHello, the dogs can't open their eyes today, and they are unstable when walking. This big dog is 7 years old. We have no veterinary shops in the small county. It also gave birth to 7-month puppy. There is really no way. I do n’t know if you have any way to drink some medicines, or the medicines we drink can give the dog properly to help. It should be that if the big dog is dead, those puppies really don't know what to donAnswer Hello, you can't judge the condition according to the symptoms you described. You can’t just recommend the medicine here. I hope you understandnQuestionnnAnswer here is the trouble of viewing the picture, you describe the contentnHowever, for the problem that the eyes cannot open, you can use erythromycin ointmentnHowever, the dog is weak, this requires further checking the diseasen6 morenBleak

  4. Rural guy teaches you how to deal with the condition of buying sick dogs

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  5. The owner should observe whether the dog has clinical symptoms such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and depression.
    The symptoms do not eat or drink, and there are more causes. For example, small, dog plague, cold, metabolic diseases, parasitic diseases, etc. The owner needs to send the dog to a pet hospital for examination and treatment in time. Because canine plague and small are infectious diseases that are relatively high in dogs, and the mortality rate of such diseases is extremely high, in the usual breeding management, it is mainly for prevention.
    Pu Dogs after 45 days of age, the owner should vaccinate the dog in time. At the same time, it is also important to prevent parasitic disease prevention of parasitic diseases.

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