3 thoughts on “Can dogs eat yogurt?”

  1. 1. Dogs can drink yogurt. If parents must feed their dogs, it is best to choose those lactococcus milk. In this case, it can be good for the dog's gastrointestinal system and digestive system. Because the absorption rate of yogurt is far higher than the absorption of milk.
    2, compared with yogurt and milk, not only calcium does not decrease, but also more than milk acid bacteria. The substance of lactic acid can effectively absorb calcium in milk, and at the same time, it can increase the survival of good bacteria in the dog's intestine. Therefore, drinking yogurt properly is very good for the dog's body.
    3, in addition, for dogs who often eat dog food, appetite will decline in summer. Parents can add appropriate yogurt to dog food, so that not only can the dog's appetite return to normal, but also supplement it to other nutrients, but also help digestion.
    4, yogurt also contains rich vitamin B. Parents must know that vitamin B can effectively improve the dog's resistance.
    5, the tyrosine in the yogurt, is also very helpful for dogs with high tension or anxiety. If it is in the afternoon, give the dog a little yogurt, which can effectively relax the dog's mood, and it can also improve the dog's spirit.

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  3. _ Dogs can drink yogurt.
    Because yogurt contains priphns such as lactic acid bacteria and bisidobacterium, it is good for the dog's stomach, and it can also enhance immunity. In this way, yogurt is very beneficial to the dog's body. But when the owner gives the dog yogurt, you must see the ingredients of yogurt.

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