5 thoughts on “What are the things to pay attention to when raising poodles in summer?”

  1. At this time, pet dogs will also become lively and active. However, summer is also a key season for the maintenance of poodles. A large number of bacteria began to reproduce. All types of diseases are in summer. It is in summer. Parents of our poodles need to pay attention to timely injection of vaccines to prevent various diseases. The following editors will tell you some matters of the summer poodle breeding:
    1. In the summer, pay attention to the cold:

    However, the temperature is not stable. This season is also when there are many climate changes. It is particularly hot outside, and it is very cold on the rainy days. Even if it is a sunny day, the temperature difference between morning and evening is different. Pay special attention to keep warm, don't cause a dog for a cold due to negligence.
    2. In the summer, pay attention to the skin disease of the poodles:

    The summer climate slowly recovered, and some parasites that endanger the skin of the poodles also reproduce a lot! At this time, they will be Floating in the air, waiting in the grass, waiting for the opportunity to invade the Guiner, and then breed a lot on the poodle, affecting the health of the poodle. For the poodles with too heavy fur, it is more likely to infect skin diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the dog's hair and the daily hygiene of the dog to prevent skin diseases. At the same time, you can improve the skin to eat some carrots.
    3. In the summer, pay attention to the poodle change

    The summer climate warming, winter hair starts to retreat, and put on a comfortable new hair. The poodle is in the period of winter hair for summer hair. In order to ensure the smooth falling off of poodles, the hair is needed to sort out the hair every day to reduce the indoor air polluting the indoor air. It also promotes the blood circulation of the poodle, which is conducive to the health of fur.
    If in the process of shaving, it is found that the poodle is extremely unsuccessful, so be sure to stop, let the poodle rest and shave, do not force it; parents must be shaved for the poodles Give the poodle enough caressing and let the poodle obediently obedient. If the poodle is still disobedient, parents need to stop working. Fear.

  2. In the summer, poodles should pay attention to replenishing it in time. Because the dog's activity is relatively large, it is easy to miss the water. If you do n’t pay attention, the dogs will also have symptoms of heat stroke. Remember not to give the dog cold frozen products. The dog's stomach can't stand this stimulus.

  3. Be sure to pay attention to the temperature, pay attention to the choice of dog food, pay attention to nutrition, and pay attention to the way of walking the dog, so that the dog can be healthier.

  4. Be sure to feed it. It is very nutritious and digested and absorbed foods, and let it replenish it, and make all the vaccines. Do not let him heat up of heat stroke.

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