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  1. Most gastroenteritis needs to be given anti -inflammatory drugs, and penicillin anti -inflammatory drugs or cephalosporin anti -inflammatory drugs can be used.
    Snias of most dog gastroenteritis are mainly manifested in mental state decline, decreased appetite, or even abolition, vomiting, and diarrhea. Depending on the cause of the cause, different drug treatment is required for dogs.
    This to repair gastrointestinal mucosa and inhibit gastric acid can choose some stop pump inhibitors or H2 receptor blockers.
    The gastrointestinal peristalsis or intestinal obstruction usually needs to use some medicine to promote gastrointestinal motility.
    The diarrhea is usually used for diarrhea. If it is caused by the virus, some antiviral drugs need to be used.
    The gastroenteritis caused by parasites usually requires symptomatic deworming medicines, and foreign body gastroenteritis caused by some foreign objects usually require surgery.
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  2. Dogs are born with bad stomach and stomach. This is well known by many pet owners. Gastroenteritis is also one of the most susceptible diseases of dogs. However, many pet owners do not know the dog's gastroenteritis. Popular science, what are the symptoms of gastroenteritis and what to do with gastroenteritis?
    What are the main symptoms of gastroenteritis in dogs? 1. Frequent vomiting and dilute
    The dogs often vomit and dilute after gastrointestinal health damage after gastrointestinal health.
    2, spiritual sluggishness, loss of appetite
    The dogs will have mental deficiency and loss of appetite after the dog suffers from early gastroenteritis. Generally, it will not affect the basic actions of the dog.
    3, spit out yellow liquid, dilute water, blood -like
    When the dog's gastroenteritis is more serious, the dog will spit out yellow -brown liquid or foam. This is actually part of the dog's bile stomach acid. Foody! At the same time, the dog will pull out the stool or even blood in the stool.
    4, fever, abdominal pain, dehydration,
    This dogs have worsened gastroenteritis, and it will also be accompanied by rising body temperature, abdominal pain to arch back, dehydration skin elasticity, while walking at the same time, walking up at the same time, while walking at the same time, walking up at the same time, while walking at the same time, walking up at the same time. It is also extremely difficult. It is serious that it will threaten the health of the dog's life. The pet owner must be sent to the dog to heal in time.
    . What should I do if a dog suffers from gastroenteritis? 1. Fasting forbidden water
    The dogs should be fasting in 24 hours after the dog suffers from gastroenteritis, because the dog's gastrointestinal colonies have been destroyed, and eating will only exacerbate the symptoms of the dog's gastrointestinal discomfort.
    2, conditioning the stomach
    If the dog's situation obviously improved the next day, then you can feed the dog a little boiled water and liquid food soft food. Intestinal health and improve vomiting.
    3, anti -diarrhea and sterilization
    The dogs suffering from gastroenteritis are mostly unhygienic diets and eat foods with germs. When dogs are diarrhea, they can use Baitou Weng San and pet probiotics in time. Sterilization and sterilization, avoid severe dehydration and electrolyte disorders.
    4, timely sending medical treatment
    After the dog suffers from gastroenteritis, if it does not improve for two or three days, you should send the doctor immediately to avoid the dog's gastroenteritis aggravation.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer what medicine to take for dog gastroenteritis for 1-2 days, and you need to take a replenishment and antibacterial anti-inflammatory drugs. If enteritis caused by parasites, insect repellent is needed. Slow -diarrhea and antidiarrheal, the dog's intestine contains a large amount of irritating corruption substances. Eat some pets to regulate the in vitro to help the dog eliminate toxins. After the squeezed substances in the intestine are excluded, the stool will not be stinky. Pay attention to replenish the dog with water. Dogs of chronic enteritis can be completely cured, but the treatment time is long, and it is generally necessary to continue treatment for 2-3 months. So parents should not give up their dogs, they must insist on treatment until the dog recovers. You can also use protein powder for half an hour, at least one needle tube of 5ml of needle.nAsk questions

  4. Gastitis is easy to relapse and cure. After a few days, it will be again. It can be used to maintain the stomach, so that there is a good stomach, eat more, absorb well, and look good

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    My dog ​​has been repeatedly occurred before gastrointestinal diseases, vomiting, dilute, and sometimes blood. Essence Essence Although it can be better the next day after getting a needle, it will be again a few days later. Essence Essence The doctor said that this has a lot to do with the habit of flatness. It is not enough to eat too much, and it is not good to be hungry. Dog food can only be eaten and fixed, and you have to soak. Essence Essence Essence
    In probiotics. Essence Essence Now I can eat and eat very mixed, it's okay, it's okay

  5. If it is enteritis, you can take Yunnan Baiyao (with pills), three times a day, according to the amount of children's portion, this is to stop pulling blood. You can eat dilute: Floshimacin, Qinglinin or Buddhist acid, all three types of Yes, just eat it according to the amount of children's portion. Children's stomach stomach and eliminate food three times a day, four tablets at a time, can be stopped after half a month in a row. The first two medicines should also be taken together. If the stool is stinky, it may be small, you have to add other antiviral virus, anti -inflammatory drugs. You can give the dogs the dogs first. If it is enteritis, it will improve in three days. If one is one. The week is not good, but it is small. After that, you can ask the treatment method again.

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