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  1. Bagigu hunter (detail introduction)
    Now more and more owners know the importance of cleaning the dog's ears. See if the dog is sick. The dog's earwax can reflect the health of the ears very intuitively, and the color and smell are the main two standards of judgment. Let ’s take a look with Boqi Xiaobian.

    1. Health. Under normal circumstances, the dog's ears are relatively clean, there are not much dirt, no odor, useless ear hair to clean, and the auricle is relatively clean. When you pull out your ears, there will be no obvious dirt on the cotton. Even if you pull out some yellow dirt, it is considered to be within the normal range.

    2. Inflammation. Generally, the dog's ears are inflamed because the ear hair is not cleaned for a long time, the ears are not pulled out, and the ears are caused by water. There will be red earwax, in addition, when the dog's ears have purulent water secretions. Let's observe whether there are trauma. If there are no traces of trauma, most of them are caused by inflammation. For this situation, clean the ear hair as soon as possible, and then clean the ears with ear washing every day. Ear medicine with anti -inflammatory effect on the top.

    3. Ear mites. Help the dog with ears. If you find black or reddish dirt on cotton, it may indicate that the dog is infected with ear mites. But this is not absolute, but also needs to continue to observe. If we can find more obvious granular objects in these dirt, and exude a large smell, then there is a great problem with the dog's ears. You also need to observe the usual behavior of dogs and how much dirt. If the dog always scratches his ears, and the amount of dirt is more, then you must go to the hospital as soon as possible for a mirror examination. Then clean the ears for the dog every day, and then apply the medicine.

    If the owner can clean the ear canal for the dog regularly, then there will be no problems with dogs. However, if you do not take your ears and ear hair for a long time, once the dog's ears enter the water, it will easily lead to inflammation of the ears, and it also provides a favorable living environment for ear mites.

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