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  1. Tooth, no matter which creature, is the same important, and dogs are no exception. In fact, the teeth of the dog care are the same as those, and the owner needs to insist on brushing it every day. But some dogs with severe tartar can not solve its dental problems well. Well, today, I will tell you how to give your dog to the teeth.
    1. It is best to brush the dog's teeth every day, but it is not as long as people, because the dog's teeth are different from the structure of human beings. What you have to do now is to wipe its teeth with a paper towel and guide it to bite a paper towel with both sides of the teeth on both sides, which is very effective for removing the food on the large folded teeth and the inner side of the teeth.
    2. Squeeze the dog's toothpaste to its toothbrush and gently wipe it on its teeth. This is a waste of time, but it is important. The most important thing is to clean up the dog's teeth gaps with a toothbrush. This is a simple matter, but the owner needs to be completed unremittingly. After cleaning the gap between the teeth, use the spray to spray it. Brush your teeth seriously for the dog, at least once a week.
    3. After you brush your teeth for the dog, you must take away the dog's drinking heater to allow the dog to ban water for more than 30 minutes. Essence If your energy and ability allows it, you can use mouthwash at the same time, but dilute according to the instructions.
    4. The best time to clean the teeth is half an hour after feeding the dog food in the morning, and it is before going to bed at night. Every time you feed dog food or dogs, you have to guide it to drink water, which can help the dog remove the residues in its mouth.
    5. You give the dog's drinking basin, do not put it next to its food basin. You must separate in different rooms. If you put it together, the dog drinks water during the eating process. It will be contaminated. In addition, do not put too much water in the water basin at one time. Put a little less at a time.
    6. Dogs are necessary to wash teeth. It is recommended to once every 2-4 years. If the cleaning work you usually do is in place, the dog's mouth is not inflamed, and the tooth washing period can also be extended appropriately. It is necessary to anesthetize the dog when washing the teeth. There is a certain risk, so you must choose a reliable pet hospital.
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