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  1. 1. Rabies: It is an acute infectious disease caused by filtering virus. The patient's livestock is seriously harmful and the mortality rate is almost 100%. There is no medicine to do not medicine so far. Injecting rabies vaccine is the only effective prevention measure.
    2, tapeworm disease: It is a widely disseminated intestinal parasitic disease, which seriously affects the normal development of puppies and young dogs.
    3, meningitis: This disease is infected with the infection of the raw bacteria in the meningitis. The diseased dog's paroxysmal muscles are rigid or convulsions, and the corners are reversed. The diseased dog has no treatment value and should be buried deeply.
    4, canine encephalitis: This disease may be caused by different causes such as nerve cells being destroyed, or caused by canine plague virus, or different causes such as raw insects in the brain, or other virus infections. The main symptoms are high fever, vomiting, drowsiness, neck rigidity, convulsions of convulsions, unclear consciousness, and died of respiratory failure. Early symptoms can be treated in the early stage; severe condition should be culled and buried.
    5, pneumonia: Disease dogs are not spiritual, poor appetite, lying on the ground, love drinking water, body temperature is 39.5-40 ° C. There are obvious signs of pneumonia. This disease can inject the temperature of the body pain, and the effect of muscle injection of penicillin or oral erythromycin is also very effective.
    Extension information:

    The prevention and treatment of rabies of severe diseases:
    1. Management of infection source
    immunomies to family breeding animals and manages stray animals. Animals who died of suspicious rabies should be checked for their brain tissue and burned them or buried deeply. Do not peel or eat.
    2, vaccination of rabies vaccine
    The prevention of vaccination has a positive value to prevent the onset of onset, including active immunity and passive immunity. Vaccine injection is crucial, and severe cases need to injected rabies.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Teddy Dog

  2. Teddy dogs are poodles and are relatively common pet dogs. They are more and more popular because of their smart waves.
    In general, the most common diseases of Teddy dogs are the following:
    1, dilute. If a teddy dog ​​eats a deteriorated food or changes dog food, it often has a dilute performance. Usually pay attention to the hygiene of dog food. When changing dog food, pay attention to gradually replace it. Feed dog food) mixed feeding according to proportions and gradually replaced.
    2, constipation. In the case of insufficient drinking water supply and too much feeding, it is difficult to digest in food or animal bones, dogs are easy to constipation. If it is an adult dog, it generally does not require special care. Sometimes puppies need to use external drugs to help defecation.
    3, eye disease. The teddy dog ​​has a long body hair and often sticks to the eyeball. Because the body hair is covered with dust and bacteria, it often causes eye infection. At the same time, foods with high salt with high salt for a long time are also easy to cause tears and easily breeding. bacteria.
    4, skin disease. Individual Teddy dogs often cause dogs to suffer from skin diseases due to factors such as the living environment, not drying in time, not drying, and parasitic. If the skin problems caused by parasites are treated in time for treatment.
    5, parasitic disease. Because dogs often come into contact with the land, some dogs have the problem of eating random garbage, so the teddy dog ​​must be deworming regularly for health.

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