2 thoughts on “What dog has no tail”

  1. There are many dog ​​breeds that need to be "broken tails", such as Doberman, Rowa, Sita Buddha, and so on.

    The earliest canine breaking tails are convenient in the process of hunting. For example, it is not easy to expose, it is not scraped by branches in the jungle.
    This dogs also need to break the tail, and it is not easy to be attacked by the opponent after breaking the tail.
    In modern times, because these previously -tapped canine breeds have penetrated people's impressions, they naturally habitually break the tail.

  2. Dogs had tails, but when some dogs were born, the owner of the dog raised the dog cut the tail to the puppy,
    It can only be done when the puppy was born, just like a person was born to cut the umbilical cord, but people who do not understand must not do this for the puppy, which is easy to kill it.

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