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  1. What pets are better in the bedroom
    It what pets are better in the bedroom. Such a small pet is very cute and flattering, so many people want to raise a small pet in the bedroom, When bored, you can also solve the stuffy. The following is better to share with you what pets in the bedroom.
    What pets in the bedroom is better. 1 Turtle: There are many types of turtles, Brazilian turtles, Chinese turtles, and Chinese turtles are more common and cheap. Turtles, Brazilian turtles are more fierce. Be careful not to release
    Golden fish: Saying goldfish is an inaccurate saying. In addition to goldfish, you can also raise koi, fighting fish or other varieties. , But pay attention to it. It looks good on the table
    Hunar: A lot of people like cute and cute hamsters. It is really fun to feed it every day. Will you be convinced by this little cute? Woolen cloth? It is convenient to raise a small head.

    Totoro: If you like a bigger head, this cute fat man will be your favorite, the image of My Neighbor Totoro is very embarrassing, and the interaction is very interesting, but because of the big head, it is very interesting, but because of the big head, it is very interesting. To solicit the consent of school and roommate, the price is slightly more expensive
    Pet mink: Pet mink is more expensive. If you are conditional, it is a good choice. The most popular pet after cats and dogs
    Different pets: Many different pets are also very popular now. Some people always love these animals, snakes, beetles, scorpions, spiders, 蜈, lizards, etc. When choosing to breed, you must buy non -toxic and dangerous. Do not threaten the safety
    The better pets that can be raised in the bedroom in the bedroom, such as turtles, rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, rabbits. Hamsters, chinchillas, goldfish, squirrels, palace, hedgehogs, etc. Among them, turtles are more common, and they are easy to raise. They only need to change water and feed regularly. The hamster is small and basically does not need any breeding space. The bedroom is also very suitable for gold fish, which can increase the humidity of the room.
    The turtles are very suitable for breeding in the bedroom. Usually, the turtle's requirements for the environment are not high. As long as you change the water and feed it on a regular basis, you can raise it very well, and the turtle will not make a sound.

    A hamsters are also suitable for raising in the bedroom, because the hamster has a small size and does not require a large breeding space. It only needs to clean it regularly. , May be a bit noisy.
    The goldfish is also suitable for raising in the bedroom. Goldfish does not need to be oxygen, and the requirements for water quality are not very high. In the bedroom, it can also increase the humidity of the room. Its food.
    It, there are many small pets suitable for breeding in the bedroom, including rabbits, chinchillas, squirrels, palaces, parrots, na, hedgehogs, beetles, pet shrimp, and small cats and dogs. No matter what pet raising, you must discuss with the roommates in advance.
    What pets in the bedroom is better. 3 types of pets are small and cheap
    1. Hamsia mice
    Mengmeng hamster can be seen everywhere in the flower and bird markets of various places. One money, a little more expensive to be evaluated according to the variety. To raise a hamster, you only need to buy a special hamster cage.
    The furry little hamster feels very cool to feel. The favorite thing in the past was to hold them in your palms. Hamsters are not eaters, and hamster grains and dry vegetable leaves can be fed.

    2. Rabbit
    It girls' favorite lovely things, so naturally it cannot resist the charm of pet rabbits. In the past, the price of ordinary rabbits at the school gate was about 20 yuan, and the breed of pure folded ears was slightly more expensive.
    The rabbits are usually lazy and like to lie in the nest to sleep. We don't need to worry about their food, just throw some vegetable leaves or fruits or carrots in front of it.

    3. Chinese pastoral cat
    The Chinese pastoral cat is also our commonly known "native cat". Most of the markets on the market are tens of yuan. Adopted for free.
    This cats are not worse than purebred cats. They are strong in their bodies and do not have so many taboos. Do n’t worry about eating leftovers and leftovers. The lively and sticky people can bring a lot of joy to our lives.
    What pets in the bedroom is better. 4 1. Demon king squirrel
    one of the pets of the demon king, sticky and recognized the owner's pet, is a pet pine rat, the demon king squirrel is lively and active, and the food requirements are not required. High is very easy to raise.
    2. My Neighbor Totoro
    Totoro must be very familiar with it. The furry chinchilla is definitely the first choice for everyone to raise a small pet!
    3. Tongxin pink mouse
    The top ten small pets with hygienic and well -raised pink mice. Tongxin pink mouse is very cute and has no odor. If you are interested, you can try it.

    . The chipmiper
    This chipmiper is very suitable for pets. Because the chipmiper particularly likes to be sticky, it is very recognized by the owner, so you can simply train it.
    5. Mini little hedgehog
    This little hedgehogs are really cute, but because the thorn on the body is still relatively good, so be careful!
    6. Spanish sleeping mouse
    Spanish sleeping mouse is particularly small. You can hold him on your palm. This little pet likes to sleep, so you don't need to take care of it.
    7. 兔
    垂 耳 rabbit is really particularly beautiful. This kind of rabbit has a very quiet personality and does not require high food, so hygiene is very easy to take care of.
    8. Cats
    . Cats are one of the small pets that are sanitary and well -raised. At the same time, cats are also very interesting. Of course, the price of pure cats is also more expensive.
    9. Dogs
    Dogs are the most raised pets, especially small dogs, such as Teddy, Chihuahua, Big Bear Dog, etc.
    10, hamster
    hamsters are a very common small pet. The hamster is very small and very hygienic. It only takes a little feed hamster to be very happy.
    What pets are better in the bedroom, what is good for 5 small pets?
    Hamsters: Hamsters are very good small animals, and their activity space is also small and does not take up too much space.
    Golden fish: easy to raise, its figure is strange, colorful, generally golden yellow and beautiful in shape. Goldfish:
    Turtles: It will be easier to raise than fish. In winter, it needs hibernation
    Rabbit: The hearing is sharp, sensitive to smell, but it is scared and good.
    Dutch pigs: Dutch pigs are precious and fleshy versatile herbivores, because of its clever, lively and docile characteristics, but also as a special ornamental animal.
    The bird: The bird is very cute every day.
    kittens: Cats, as docile, smart and lively animals, have a long history as a family pet. In Europe and the United States, the family cat is particularly high.

    muchi: Puppy is the most heart -hearted friend and the most spiritual animal.
    Totoro: My Neighbor Totoro's eyes are bright, and there are many long beards on both sides of the nose. Totoro's temperament is very docile, it is nightling animals. Friends who like this pet remembered to provide them with dry and cool accommodation environment.
    mo: Little squirrel is particularly popular because of its cute appearance. It is mainly herbs.

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