4 thoughts on “What grows fast and big to feed rural dogs?”

  1. What grows fast and big to feed rural dogs? People in the city like to raise pet dogs, small and cute. The people in the countryside are even more keen on the dogs, mainly to put on the thief. The soil dog is also called a Chinese pastoral dog, but why was it called a Tuyou? In fact, it is not because of its soil, but to distinguish the dogs of foreign breeds, so it is so called.

    The theme we discuss today is, what is the fastest growing so far in rural dogs? The answer is, of course, dog food and meat. However, it is often not the case in reality.

    Ideal feeding. What grows fast and big to feed rural dogs? Whether it is a pet dog or a soil dog, it is definitely good to feed dog food. Because the nutrition of dog food is relatively comprehensive, there will be no problem of nutrition. Moreover, dog food is relatively good for the dog's stomach, and rarely causes symptoms such as dog diarrhea. The dog itself is a carnivore, so fed more meat can also promote its growth well. Feeding in reality. What grows fast and big to feed rural dogs? If you feed dog food and meat, it is obvious that this cost is very high. In rural areas, such feeding methods are definitely unrealistic. The most common method in the countryside is that dogs eat with others. What the general owner eats, what the dog eats.

    For example, a native dog was raised in his hometown. In fact, we didn't feed anything, but it still grows fast. Usually, when you have bones, you will throw your bones for the dog. When we eat meat, we will also eat one or two pieces for dogs, but we will not clip too much. After all, we didn't eat meat at that time. If we do not eat amaranth, we will use vegetable soup to feed with rice or cooked sweet potatoes. In fact, the native dogs in the countryside are very easy to feed, because it does not picky eaters.

    The conclusion wants to raise the soil dogs and be very large. It must be fed with good things. In this case, it will inevitably spend higher. If it is unbearable, the same is true for ordinary feeding methods.

  2. Most of the soil dogs in the countryside are leftovers and leftovers. There are no special feeding things, and these native dogs grow big and fast.

  3. You only need to feed the staple food that some people eat, and this effect can be achieved, and it will also make the dogs feel particularly satisfied.

  4. Provide a higher level of health. Eating meat and bones will have biological safety risks, such as infection infectious diseases, food poisoning, etc.; Full -price feed has been "cooked" by "high temperature disinfection", which is a significant decline in the risk of illness, which is more conducive to the growth of soil dogs.

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