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  1. Sooner or later, the dog's death will be encountered sooner or later, but most of the dogs are basically not the cause of normal old death. Basically, they die because of improper reasons. Many of the reasons are because of infectious diseases. , Accidents, obesity, and uterine pus and other conditions. What are the infectious diseases of the abnormal death of dogs: disease can be said to be one of the main causes of dog death. Among them, infectious diseases occupy a considerable part. Most of the major malignant infectious diseases that are commonly killed include canine plague, small viruses, and crown. The main reason for these diseases is because the owner did not injected the dog vaccine in time, or he was anxious to take a bath for the dog during the vaccine, which caused the dog to fall in cold resistance, which caused the disease. Of course One of the causes of these diseases. Therefore, for the newly bought puppies, they should take the dog to inject the vaccine as soon as possible after getting familiar with the new environment. Of course, let the doctor do a health check and observe for a period of time. Supplementary lactic acid bacteria can improve immunity. Although it cannot directly fight these malignant infectious diseases, it can improve disease resistance.

    In accidents: accidents are also one of the reasons for the high mortality rate of the dog, because the dog has a strong curiosity, so I like to run around or play all kinds of things, so there are many more, so there are many more, so there are many more, so there are many more, so there are many more, so there are many more, so there are many more. The fatal accidents that are seen include car accidents, altitude falls, heavy objects, electric shock, heat stroke, and food poisoning. The cause of heat stroke is also quite easy to be ignored. The cooling function of pet dogs is to heat dissipation through the volatilization of the tongue liquid. When the outside world becomes hot and humid, the dog's body temperature rises and metabolizes faster. Insufficient flow causes bleeding and hematoma in the brain, and then epilepsy, tremor, and coma will cause high mortality. Therefore, in the summer, it is necessary to provide a cool and comfortable environment for the dogs, and try to avoid going out at noon.

    Obesity: The owner knows that obese dogs are more likely to suffer from heart disease, aging vascular aging, and many owners will ignore the problem of obesity. Some people seem to be very cute, so they have never thought about losing weight for dogs, so the prevalence of dogs is higher, so the mortality rate is high.

    The uterine pus: The uterine pus is mainly the problem of the longest occurrence of the female dog, and the threat of uterine pus is very serious. Female dogs without sterilization are prone to uterine pus due to bacterial infections and abnormal endocrine. The uterine pus is divided into open and closed types. The latter is highly risky. If the situation is serious, it will affect the operation of the heart, the blood flow of the kidneys, and the uremia, and even the dying of multiple uterine failure.

    If the precautions of the dog's abnormal death, the disease is still the main cause of the dog's non -normal death. The owner cannot make the dog from getting sick. This cannot be unrealistic. It is inevitable to encounter some small problems, but as long as the owners pay more attention to problems such as accidents and other issues, they can still be effectively avoided. As for the problem of obesity, as long as the owner pays attention to feeding and usually takes more dogs to exercise, then these are not problems at all.

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