1 thought on “What kind of dogs can I buy hundreds of dollars, what are the hundreds of dogs?”

  1. Pet dogs on the market are generally very expensive. Hundreds of dollars of dogs are generally varieties with poor quality. Or the dog with illness, either you can only buy one soil dog. Therefore, it is recommended to buy in a guaranteed pet shop to avoid being deceived.
    The dogs that can be bought by hundreds of dollars
    In the price of hundreds of dollars, dogs below 500 yuan are generally native or skewers, and may also be with it. Disease dog. Generally, dogs with good quality and bad string may be more than a few hundred dollars.

    between 500 and less than a thousand dollars. Generally, dogs that can be bought include teddy, German Mu, Payle, Jingba, Chisha, Pomeranian, Golden Retriever, etc. , But the product may not be very good, and it may be a string dog.

    Therefore, when buying dogs, you must first pay attention to the physical shape of the dog, check the dog's mouth, nose, and see if the dog has abnormal diseases. At the same time, it is recommended to buy in a guaranteed pet shop to avoid buying a week.

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