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  1. 1. Put in pet cemetery
    2, the treatment center of the pet corpse
    3, the staff who handed over to the Dynamic Supervision Institute to handle
    If you want to see it often after the dog dies, if you have conditions, you can put the dog's cremation and put it on the pet cemetery.
    The large cities have established pet corpse treatment centers. Dogs are human friends and loyal guards. They bring us endless joy when they are alive. After death, they should let them go clean and serene.
    The animal supervisor can professionally handle the body of the animal. You can give them your dogs and let them do professional and harmless treatment, so that your beloved friends can die cleanly

    Stime do not bury themselves:
    The people will choose to bury themselves after the dog dies, but the arbitrary choices of buried places are greater. Small trees; but pets themselves may carry a large amount of bacterial viruses, and they may bring hidden health hazards to other animals or people around them.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question [Happy], I need a little time editing to give you the content of the reply ~ Thank you for your understanding. Thank younDear, the dog is buried well, and it is also a dog raising person, knowing your mood very much at the moment. It will live well in another world. Thank you also because your life with you is more exciting and meaningful, and because of its companionship, your life is more fun. I believe it is in another world. Choose another way to accompany you, so You don't have to feel sad. Wang Xing's is now running freely, and there are many friends to accompany them, and they will not be alone. You can write a letter to the dog regularly and tell it that you will see it before you miss it. Maybe one day, it will appear next to you! [Heart]nDo you think there are other questions, you need to help you answer ~nQuestions, but it was going in a car accident. I didn't look at it.nAnswer dear, dogs will only remember the best days with you. I believe it is missing you at the last moment. In fact, the dog just wants the owner to be happy, and you are happy, so you have no reason to blame yourself. Sometimes the parting at this moment is for the next wonderful encounter. Believe me, one day in the future, it will appear again on you again in you In the life!nThank you questionsnAnswer you are polite ~ [Flowers] I believe your love and call must have results!n5 morenBleak

  3. The dog left and handed it over to the pet shop. There is a large pet shop to help the cremation, and then enter the soil. Environmental sanitation and dogs with peace of mind.

  4. If the soil can not be dug in winter, you can first pour hot water on it and dig it on it. My dog ​​died in winter the year before. At the age of fifteen, it is also Beijing.

  5. Dogs usually need to be treated with non -risk after death.
    It needs to find the corresponding local non -harmful animal treatment agency for treatment. Many large cities now have it. The dog's body can be buried outside the beautiful outskirts of the scenery after sparking, which does not affect public health and safety. It can also be buried in a special pet cemetery. Or hand over to the community health and safety management personnel.
    The body of the dog cannot be abandoned casually, or buried by itself. Because this will produce a large amount of bacteria and viruses, bringing harm to the people and animals around. After processing, the owner can organize the dog's photos into albums.

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