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  1. Many people now like pets at home. Pet dogs are a good choice, because raising a dog at home, there are really many benefits. Gege can often exercise with the owner. pressure. Therefore, when everyone is thinking about raising dogs, we must carefully choose the dog's variety and choose some dogs with a gentle personality and sticky personality. Such dogs are more obedient. Today, I will tell you what the novices have when choosing a qualification.
    . The technique of choosing a dog for novice
    1. Observe the look of the dog.大家带上生活中去买狗狗的时候可以观察一下狗狗的神情,看看哥哥的视线能不能跟着主人跑,或者给狗狗看一些有趣的东西,或者把物体向上抛起,看看葛Can the look of the grid stare at this object. If the dog's state is relatively normal, it can be moved with the object, but if the dog's intellectual development is abnormal, it may not care about the moving objects next to it.
    2. Observe the dog's temperament. Under normal circumstances, you must touch the dog first, or mention the dog. Generally, dogs with good temperament will not struggle. If you are mentioning dogs, the dog makes a sorrow and struggle with struggling resistance. It means that such dogs are difficult to be tamed in the future. Therefore, everyone must choose some puppy with a gentle personality, so that it is easier to tame.
    3, do not choose destructive. When you go to the pet shop to see the dog, if you see the dog desperately grab the cage and bite the cage or destroy the surrounding objects, it means that this dog is unable to bear loneliness and is very irritable. After taking it home, you may bite the furniture and remove the house.
    . Conclusion
    While everyone raises dogs at home or takes home to accompany themselves, accompanying their parents, they must choose a gentle personality, and then smarter can be able to be able to be able to The family is happy, don't choose too fierce, otherwise it will be endless.

  2. As a novice, when choosing a dog, choose a healthy dog, a dog must have a health certificate, a certificate of vaccine, you can choose a large dog or a puppy. Neck, look at the vitality of the dog, this is all skills.

  3. First, go to a regular channel to buy dogs, and then look at the dog's eyes, mouth teeth, colds and noses, hair and ears, weight and skeleton, see how the dog's physical fitness is.

  4. Observe the dog's hair, to mention the dog's back neck and look at the state of the dog. Be sure to purchase through regular channels, and it depends on the eyes of the dog.

  5. As a novice, choose a healthy dog ​​when choosing a dog. Dogs should only hold health certificates and vaccination certificates. You can choose big dogs or puppies. The dog's front chest should be wide, grab the rear neck and look at the vitality of the dog. These are skills.

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