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  1. U.K. Ontario is headquartered in the UK. ANBI is based on the World Financial Center Singapore. It has a forward -looking international vision and strong technical strength. It is a digital asset trading platform for project parties, investors, etc. to provide decentralized, community autonomy and other characteristics. Anbi is composed of a group of generous guests that love cryptocurrency and focus on blockchain technology. The top -level investment institutions in Singapore provide strong financial support.
    This information
    . The three core points of the community economy
    governance, collaboration and incentive. Anbi is mainly based on community governance, collaboration and incentives. While implementing trading mining, it strives to maximize rebates for users. What's more worth mentioning is that for the long -term development of the community, Anbi devoted himself to studying and providing a series of protection measures, such as risk reserve/lock -up limit to maximize the rights and interests of users. Not only that, Anbi, while pursuing efficiency, attach importance to safety. In addition, under the infrastructure of this community economy, Anbi will have many commercial scenarios in the future. Ancoin trading platform is the first commercial scene, and it is also one of the most important and most core commercial scenarios.
    . Details
    1. Discounts: users who hold a large amount of currency Bonbb and use it for transaction fees will get a transaction fee discount. In 2018, 25 % of the transaction fee discount. This It will be reduced to 12.5 % in 2019 and has been maintained at a level 6.25 % since 2020.
    2, tokens: Binance BNB is based on Ethereum ERC-20 token. It has a total limit of 200 million tokens. In July 2017, half of the tokens were sold in the ICO, and the 10 % of the money was sold to angel investors, and the founding team retained 40 % of the money.
    3, GAS fee: The Binance Binbin BNB will also be used as a local tokens for the decentralized exchanges of the decentralized exchange in Binance. The public BETA version of the exchange has been released.
    3. How about BNB Binance
    1. Concession deductible deduction of Binance platform transaction fees on the transaction on the Binance platform, no matter what tokens traded, time to pay transaction fees If you hold a full amount of BNB, the system will discount the fees you need to pay (see the table below for the specific discount rate below), and use the market value to be converted to the amount of equivalent BNB at the time, and use BNB to complete the payment of the handling fee. The first year-50%, the second year-25%, the third year-12.5%, the fourth year -6.75%, and in the fifth year, the discount will no longer be effective.
    2. The repurchase mechanism: After we will be launched on the Binance platform, 20%of the net profit of the Binance Platform of the Binance Platform every quarter will be used to repurchase BNB. It will be announced as soon as possible that users can query through the blockchain browser to ensure that they are open and transparent until they destroy the total amount of 100 million BNB.
    3. The "fuel" of decentralized transactions, BNB will also be the fuel of the transaction platform on the centralized chain on the centralized chain. When using the Binance Discontinarization of a centralized trading platform, you need to use BNB.

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