Why is buying a lot smaller than selling the market, but the stock price is constantly rising?

4 thoughts on “Why is buying a lot smaller than selling the market, but the stock price is constantly rising?”

  1. The stock price shows the recent transaction price. Regardless of whether it is buying or selling, as long as the transaction price continues to rise, the stock price will become an upward trend. For example, if there is a million selling orders at the price of the limit, the buyer does not buy it at the lowest price, but instead gives 100,000 buying at the daily limit price. At this time, if someone is trading on the daily limit board, the stock price will be displayed as the daily limit price.

    The selling disk is greater than the buying disk, the dark box operation is turned on, but the stock price fell. Often, the big buy is large and the stock price is declined. ; You can choose a few stocks that rise today with several decline stocks.

  2. What you say is more common now. The more the so -called spring, the greater the stronger rebound, indicating that there are large funds and large institutions operating in the field. Good things.

  3. There are two general situations you say: 1. First, the weak rebound in the decline, although the stock price rises a little, the transaction volume is small! Second, in the upward trend, stocks in the secondary market are basically in the hands of the main force, so if you want to increase the stock price, you don't need to be more trading. The increase in the increase generally means that the stock price is a weak rebound, or the main force wants to increase the stock price to attract retail investors to follow the trend.

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