5 thoughts on “The difference between Mercedes -Benz GLC26021 and 22?”

  1. The Mercedes -Benz GLC engine and gearbox performance is excellent, mature and stable, the appearance is stable, and the failure rate is very low. , Stability is also better

  2. The differences and changes of these two cars are not great. You can see that the rear lamp now has a black manner. And there are many little Mercedes -Benz logos in the new model of the front midnet, and there are no old models. And the new model is now four exhaust, and the old model is virtual exhaust. There is nothing different.

  3. The first is GLC, GLC (previous GLK) is a compact off -road vehicle based on the Mercedes -Benz C platform of the same era; on the compact off -road vehicle, Mercedes -Benz recently made GLA. Small. First of all, these two cars are a platform W166 (the latest GLE is W167). These two cars are not related to the E/S platform.

  4. The 21 GLC is more worth buying than the 22 models. Because the price of the old GLC is relatively close to the people, and the configuration is quite rich, it can basically meet the needs.

  5. Hello, the 21 models and 22 models of Mercedes -Benz GLC260 are not much different. They are almost the same. I personally feel that the 22 models are more beautiful. I prefer 22 models

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