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  1. It is mainly divided into two directions. What students are suitable for learning, and the other is how to learn.

    1. Who is suitable for "e -sports majors"
    Answer: Students who can improve the school level through e -sports are suitable for learning
    Two (formerly Sanben) universities opened, the best school I know is the middle -aged (211).
    So if you can go through the e -sports major and never learn to go to the college, and go to the undergraduate from a specialty, then you get a good reason for choice, especially in some school e -sports majors. The requirements for cultural courses are low.
    The words of my words are that if you choose an e -sports major, you can only keep it at the same level of colleges, just choose this major for the love of e -sports, do not do this
    The reason is simple: the e -sports industry requires a variety of talents, and all kinds of corresponding are different majors, not e -sports majors.

    2. How to learn how to learn from the e -sports major
    simple words, remove the hats of the gaming, and learn how to learn.
    The industry is an industry standing on the shoulder of the giant. He does not exist independently, so if you want to really understand him, you have to understand those giants. If you can understand those giants, you can understand e -sports.
    But understanding the giant is a difficult thing, and the learning process will give people a weak feeling.
    But learning e -sports is very efficient to learn e -sports out of thin air, which makes people feel very cool, but this is like building an air tower, which cannot go through the test.
    Iher to think about it, after you graduate, others ask you what you will learn, compared to you say "I learn e -sports", you should also say "I learn computer or design, etc., of course you Will you know about these.
    The writing here, I think of the time of going to school.
    The high school language counts English -raising students, universities C , Si Xiu, algorithm ...
    . I have also heard countless people say on countless occasions, when you forget the knowledge in the textbook, the rest are left, and the rest are left. It is the meaning of going to school.
    For most people, the knowledge that I have learned can still remember no more than 10%now, but we can't deny that it has become a better ourselves. Those knowledge, but you.
    Perhaps this is the mission of school or professional. Of course, they are the boutiques that test after time, but in the end, they are just passers -by every life. However, this does not prevent schools from schools, one by one, becoming one of our leaders and witnesses on our growth path.
    As a leader, I dare not say that e -sports majors are qualified, but I can be sure that it can lead you to a farther place, far more than e -sports, e -sports is just a beautiful scenery along the road

  2. First of all, the e -sports industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and has become more and more professional and standardized. There is no doubt about the prospects, and there are many development directions in the field of e -sports.
    For example: e -sports professional players (the main training items of professional players are divided into MOBA and FPS and other directions)
    I e -sports game development (learn C#basics, Unity3D, UE4 engine foundation, C language programming, etc.) ) ) R N E -sports digital animation design (learning 3DSMAX, Maya server and database game cases)
    The e -sports club operation management (learning club systematic teaching, analysis of event data, psychology, etc.)
    Planning (learning film and television director and production, self -media application and industrial analysis, event practice)
    Nowadays, the e -sports industry is already the development of the entire industry chain. Wait. E -sports has now developed to sports projects at the competitive level. It requires participants' thinking ability, response ability, the ability to coordinate the heart and limbs, and also need to cultivate the team spirit. Major universities have also started trying to set up e -sports majors.

  3. E -sports is an emerging Yangyang industry with huge development prospects. At present, the talent gap is large. Most people do not know much about this industry. They think that e -sports is playing games. In fact, the development of the e -sports industry is driven by the development of a series of industries. , Such as commentary, event planning, scene design, etc., all need talent support, so e -sports is a very potential industry.

  4. In recent years, e -sports has been in full swing in China. In 2019, the size of my country's e -sports market reached 90.8 billion yuan, an increase of 73.28%, let alone now. Data (CNG China New Game Research) and International Data Corporation (IDC) released the "China Game Industry Report, January to June 2017", from January to June 2017, the actual sales revenue of the e-sports game market reached 35.99 billion yuan. The time of pan -entertainment, and the gradual development of the e -sports industry will become a very prospective work in the future. Learning e -sports can do a lot, not only playing games, such as professional players, game anchors, referees, coaches, game commentary, game planning, etc.

  5. Learning e -sports is still very promising. From the perspective of the development momentum of the e -sports industry, not only the number of e -sports audiences increases year by year, but the output value capacity of the e -sports industry has also shown a significant increase. At the same time, e -sports has been identified as a regular sports by the State General Administration of Sports early Projects, e -sports professional players usually need a lot of training, strict requirements for operations, techniques, and technologies, so that they can play in the professional arena. The gaming industry is gradually developing and growing. Game operations, event operations, content operations and even commentary will become a very promising job in the future.

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