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  1. The ENC public chain is a decentralized and distributed ecosystem. Relying on the strong technical background of 1CC, ENC is made into the representative of the third -generation public chain, becoming the most important infrastructure of the blockchain world.

    ENC will first develop DEFI decentralized platforms in the Asia -Pacific countries to attract huge user groups and promote consensus growth with strong user bases!

    ENC solves the existing problems of digital assets by constructing the construction of blockchain technology and community ecosystem. Blocking the online digital assets through the blockchain technology, and the core data is stored on the blockchain.

    The ENC public chain was born. It created a truly decentralized digital trading ecosystem. At the moment when the global economic instability, the new economic model fights against the inflation of the fiat currency, so that the personal ownership of the individual Property has grown steadily and promotes the development of a virtuous cycle of global economy! Make investors simply and quickly gain benefits, get out of the economic downturn, and embark on the road of wealth!

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