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  1. ETC electronic non -stop charging system is an automatic charge for highways or bridges. By installing a vehicle electronic label on the windshield of the vehicle and the dedicated short -range communication between the microwave antennas on the toll station ETC lane, use the computer networking technology to perform the background settlement processing with the bank There is no need to park the highway or bridge cost without parking.
    The vehicle device with vehicle information on the vehicle needs to be installed on the vehicle. When the vehicle enters the population of non -parking electronic toll channels, the station -level device of the highway data collection processing system reads the vehicle information in the vehicle device. After the data is mixed out of the database, the vehicle data is released. Collect the data management center of the processing system. The data management center analyzes the traffic vehicles, and the bank is uploaded in real time. The bank returns the data management center in real time after completing the transaction processing.
    1. When the speed is too fast, the information is unsuccessful when the ETC vehicle is successful in ETC lane, and it should be less than 20 km/h. Excessive speed will cause lanes to be unable to read vehicle equipment information. 2. The LED screen shows that without OBU encounters this situation, you can first take out the card and insert it again, and try it into the ETC lane again. Essence 3. OBU device problems Sometimes OBU is not electric, loose, etc. will cause the vehicle to not pass smoothly in the ETC lane. At this time, you can only go to artificial lanes first, and then go to ETC outlets. Owners should also keep ETC electronic labels properly, pay attention to moisture -proof, waterproof, and strong magnetic. 4. Use the ETC ETC electronic label of others to be the only corresponding relationship with the registered vehicle.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe reason why the ETC could not be used suddenly was: 1. It may be that ETC batteries were insufficient and caused ETC to be unable to start; 2. It may be caused by the failure of ETC electronic labels; 3. It may be that the car is too fast when the car passes through the ETC channel. The system cannot read information; 4. It may also be that the deduction fee is unsuccessful due to the reasons such as the lane ETC reading failure and the arrears of ETC card;

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