How to do simulation transactions in Oriental Fortune Android version

There are on the computer, but why can't I find the mobile version? Is there no such feature? The brother found a picture of a picture, thank you

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  1. Oriental Wealth Network did not simulate stock trading. I remember that there was a simulation stock game last year, but it was over. Recommend you to see other simulated stock trading speculation: Want to simulate stock speculation? Go to the stock city: Real stock market datanAll the trading data of simulated stock trading comes from the real stock market, which is no different from the real. The training is for thousands of days. It is used for a while. If the soldiers do not practice, how can they really kill the enemy? Simulation stocks are the first step for you to succeed, friends, come on ... Simulation stocks and various analysis software are fully integratednThe original software fusion technology and the complete integration of various analysis software. Members can replace themselves to their own familiar market software. You do n’t need to switch between the two, so that you can make it more handy on the stock city simulation platform.nThe function is more comprehensive and more humanenIn addition to all the functions of normal real transactions, the simulation stock software also adds various convenient operations, such as: stop profit and stop loss, direct stock exchange, especially suitable for office workers.nThe simulation stock software has the ranking of every day, week, month, quarter, and each year. You can preferably be preferred to the real master. By adding the collection, when the master has a operation, you will immediately notify your master's operation details. Compared with stock critics recommend stocks, the actual combat capabilities have been greatly strengthened. The difference between software version and web versionn1. Simulation stocks software is fast operation, which is equivalent to the real transaction environment. The simulation of the web version of the stock market is slow, the function is limited, and there is no real transaction.n2. The software function is powerful, and the quite many functions are not available in the web version.nStock holds a simulated stock trading contest with various circles. Through the competition, members can get more experience and learn from masters. award. Address: I/

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