The China Merchants Bank was frozen from non -counter, can I re -apply after the account is sold?

3 thoughts on “The China Merchants Bank was frozen from non -counter, can I re -apply after the account is sold?”

  1. China Merchants Bank's bank card is frozen, which is generally caused by this bank card for a long time. When you do not use this bank card for a long time, the bank will think that you are an unpretentious account. You don’t need this bank card anymore. , So you will limit your transactions, and you cannot use it.
    It you need to take your own ID card and a bank card that needs to be unblocked. Go to the bank counter to find manual lifting. Be sure to go!

    The expansion information:

    1. When it is suspended or stopped non -counter transaction, it can only be carried out. You can contact the account opening customer service, and then turn to the counter manager. Under normal circumstances, it can be lifted. If it is not troublesome, the invoice or use certificate of historical expenditure costs requires. 2. The probability of restricting non -counter is caused by the expiration of the information reserved in the bank and communicate with the bank first. This is not a thing, it is easy to solve.
    The non -counter is not the most serious general non -counter. Mainly your account has abnormal need to screen and explain. Or multiplayer transfer. You are afraid of the problem of money laundering in the country. You should pay attention to account use.
    The expansion information: What should I do if the China Merchants Bank account transaction is abnormal?
    This bank cards on non -counter can operate on the bank cabinet and handle the banking business. Other channels such as online payment, ATM withdrawal, and consumption cards are not working.
    If triggers are triggered by anti -money laundering, it is much more troublesome. Specifically, it depends on whether you can take out money on the counter.
    1. Frequent account entry and exit of accounts can be easily judged by the bank. If it is a regular transaction, you can explain to the bank clearly. If it is normal transaction (virtual currency transaction, online gambling, etc.), it is recommended to go out of the counter as soon as possible.
    2. For the first time, you do n’t have to panic when you encounter a non -counter. Take your ID card and bank card directly to the nearest bank cabinet to withdraw money, and then you can sell it.
    3, China Merchants Bank, CCB, Pudong Development, and Bank of China are easy to non -counter.
    4. If the mortgage card is a non -counter, don't worry.
    5. It is rumored that the restrictions can be solved in five years.
    6, non -counter will affect the corresponding credit card, and the light reduction is limited to use.
    7. Do not online, virtual currency transactions should be extra cautious. There are too many black money. Non -counter is still a trivial matter, and frozen is a big thing.

  2. China Merchants Bank was frozen for non -counter transactions, and I needed my ID card and bank card to verify the outlets of China Merchants Bank.

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