3 thoughts on “Does the Roschild family really control British currency issuance?”

  1. I don't know if you have read a book written by Song Hongbin called "Currency War". I have been recommended by my classmates recently. According to the author's statement, around 1856, the Roschild family accumulated a total of $ 6 billion in wealth. If it is calculated at a 6%return rate, the assets of their family today exceeded at least 5 trillion US dollars, which is also the assets, which is also the family. Gates assets 1000 times.
    and include a large amount of gold. By the beginning of the 20th century, the wealth controlled by the family reached half of the world's total wealth at that time. In the 2004 2004, they had the gold pricing power with the other five major consortia, but on April 14, 2004, they suddenly announced the withdrawal from the London gold pricing system, saying that the reasons for the revenue in this area has declined in the past five years. To 1%of the total business income, so withdraw from this market.
    This in the book also wrote that the Federal Reserve is a private product of the seven giants of Wall Street, and many of them have close contact and intimate relationship with the Roschild family, including JP Morgan, which rely on Roschlles. The Roschild family is the source of their economic and all aspects of hiking and strategies. The Roschild family also has many related shares and other interests, which is quite influential. As for what you said, "The president must fight, you must use the consent of the family". If the statement in the book is explained, the government must have money or issue government bonds, but these are controlled by the banker. Roschild The relationship between the family and the banker is inexhaustible and indirectly controls the war. In fact, their main control of Europe is their foundation, and it is only indirect for the United States.
    . Another way of leaving this book is that the current business of Rothschild Bank Group is mainly M

  2. They control the British government bond market, and the British currency supply is guaranteed by national national bonds, so in this regard, the Roschild family controls British currency issuance

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