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  1. Under the surge of the Taiping Army and the anti -Qing Uprising in various places, the Qing army was exhausted, and the Qing court panicked. At this time, the military expenditure expenditure in the Qing Dynasty increased significantly, and the tax revenue decreased sharply, coupled with the impact of the Opium War, which led to financial constraints. In order to raise funds, we continued to suppress the Taiping Army and relieve the fiscal crisis. Ting was forced to make a big money. “Big Money List” said: “Three years of Xianfeng (AD 1853), the military affairs day, the clearing of the clearing can not last, the Shouyang Xiangguo Ministry of the Ministry of Power Households, please cast ten money, and add iron and smelting. Infrace with fifty, when a hundred dollars. The patrol king’s minister continues to cast five hundred, when there are two thousand. “It shows that Xianfeng’s big money is cast under the circumstances. “Xianfeng Chongbao” began to cast ten money, and then opened up to fifty, hundreds, and more than hundreds, and caused the provinces of various provinces to quickly cast and implement it. The casting of “Xianfeng Heavy Treasure” is very chaotic and complicated. When it is worthwhile, the size of the size, the casting material, the casting process, the textbook body, the money, etc., when the various bureaus and even the same bureau are cast in the same bureau, the differences are very different, so that There is a downward value and the size of the money, and there are iron money and lead money.

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