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  1. In the first year of Xianfeng (1851), the Ministry of Households ordered the money bureaus to cast "Xianfeng Tongbao" to make money. Due to the plunder of the powers and the occurrence of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement, the money bureau casting money has been difficult to carry out normally. Many money -saving bureaus are actually paused. As a result, there are fewer people with Xianfeng Tongbao's money, and there are many crude production, which is mostly inferior and light, or cause iron and lead money to replace copper coins. In the first year of Xianfeng, it was stipulated that the money was one dollar and two points, and the next year became one dollar, but the specific casting was mostly light than the prescribed weight.

    It three years of Xianfeng launched "Xianfeng Yuanbao" and "Xianfeng Chongbao" big money. When the value of fifty and below is called "Xianfeng Chongbao", and the value of the fifty value is called "Xianfeng ingot". The purpose is to make up for the fiscal deficit by changing the money.

  2. The Xianfeng Dynasty of the Qing Dynasty was another period of chaos in Chinese history after Wang Mang. After the Opium War, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Revolution rose. Since the three years of Xianfeng, the court had to openly donate, melting various copper wares, and casting more than ten kinds of large -level money, abusing treasure banknote, official tickets, to save the urgency of burning eyebrows. So stealing the bee, the private money was full, the silver price was expensive, and the inflation intensified. Such a chaotic currency system can be described as its peak in the feudal dynasty.

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