Can I get a card for the Agricultural Bank of China on Sunday?

Can I get a card for the Agricultural Bank of China on Sunday?

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  1. The bank can get a card on weekends. Agricultural Bank of China is open on the weekend, but banks are generally not handled on public business on holidays and legal holidays, but personal business can still do it. The card is a personal business, so it can be handled on the weekend. You only need to bring your ID card to the bank business outlet, fill in the application form, and wait for the call to go to the counter to apply. Agricultural Bank of China is relatively short on weekends. Generally, from 10 am to 4 pm. You can consult the bank outlet before going.
    Operating environment: OPPORENO6 Agricultural Bank of China 6.8.0
    This information
    . Business scope
    banking business. Agricultural Bank of China has spread throughout the urban and rural areas of China, becoming a large -scale modern commercial bank with the largest number of Chinese outlets and the widest business radiation range. China Agricultural Bank of China has developed from the initial agricultural credit and settlement business to a complete variety, a combination of domestic and foreign currencies, and can handle various financial and domestic financial businesses. Wealth Management/Overseas Customer Overseas Financial/Bank Card/remittance and foreign exchange settlement/retaining box rental service salary service/Overseas financial service/electronic banking service/private banking/financing business/domestic payment settlement/international settlement/fund related business/ Enterprise wealth management services/financial institution services. At the same time, various company banks and retail banks products and services are also available and carried out self -employment and valet funds. The business scope also covers investment banking, fund management, financial leasing, life insurance and other fields.
    RMB business.吸收公众存款;发放短期、中期和长期贷款;办理国内外结算;办理票据贴现;发行金融债券;代理发行、代理兑付、承销政府债券;买卖政府债券;从事同业拆借;买卖、代理买卖外汇;提供Letter of credit services and guarantees; agency receivables and agency insurance business.
    Foreign exchange business. Foreign exchange deposits; foreign exchange loans; foreign exchange remittances; foreign currency exchange; international settlement; acceptance and discounting of foreign exchange bills; foreign exchange loans; foreign exchange guarantee; foreign exchange settlement, sales of foreign exchange; foreign currency securities other than shares issued by the issuance and agency Foreign currency securities outside; foreign exchange trading; credit investigation, consultation, and witness business.
    . The latest statement
    The agricultural bank stated that it is resolutely not carried out and does not participate in any business activities related to virtual currencies, prohibited from the admission of virtual currency trading customers, and will increase investigation and investigation and fund transactions and investigate and investigate and increase investigation and investigation and fund transactions. Monitoring. Once related behaviors are found, measures such as suspension of account transactions and termination of customer relationships will be taken immediately, and relevant departments will be reported in a timely manner. In order to protect customers' legitimate rights and interests and account security of accounts, Agricultural Bank asked customers to actively cooperate with the bank's due diligence to assist the bank to perform legal obligations and crack down on illegal criminal behaviors involving virtual currency mining and fund transactions.

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