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  1. [Edit this paragraph] Introduction to Wuhu Fangte Happy World is located in the Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge Development Zone in Wuhu City, Anhui Province. It is the largest fourth -generation theme park in China with a total area of ​​about 1.25 million square meters, of which about 530,000 square meters of land area The water surface area is about 720,000 square meters. It is invested and built by Shenzhen Huaqiang Group. The total investment exceeds 1.5 billion yuan, which is part of the Wuhu Huaqiang Tourism City. Fangte Happy World is carefully created by today's most advanced ideas and technology, which is "international first -class".
    Wu Lake Fangte Happy World from Sunshine Plaza, Fangte Happy Avenue, Fisherman's Wharf, Space World, Mysterious River Valley, Vesuway Volcano, Lost Empire, Elf Valley, Western Legend, Dinosaur Peninsula, Hailu Bay, Dudu Dudu It is composed of 15 themed project areas such as farmers, children's kingdom, water world, and fire meteor. Among them, Sunshine Plaza, Fangte Happy Avenue, and Fisherman's Wharf are full open areas, and tourists can visit freely. There are more than 300 theme projects, amusement projects, leisure and landscape projects in Fangte Happy World, including many internationally first -class large projects, and most of the projects should be young and old. There are international first -class high -altitude flying simulation experience projects "Flying Extreme", large -scale dynamic space flight experience project "Star Flight", Asia's first large multi -water screen three -dimensional interaction adventure project "Solomon Seal", China's first large volcanic pendant adventure project " "Victoria Volcano", the largest Maya theme large -scale adventure project "Mysterious River Valley" in China, the largest dinosaur disaster experience project "Dinosaur Crisis" in Asia ...
    , Feel the magic of science fiction! This is an unprecedented joyful feast, this is a magical fantasy park, which is a science and technology fantasy adventure kingdom. Wonderful, exciting, adventure, screaming, dreaming, magical, joyful, comfortable, Fangte happy world, joy without limits ~
    modern computers, automatic control, digital simulation and simulation, digital film and television, sound and photoelectric and other high -tech The perfect combination of means and art creates a new type of high -tech theme park.
    New participation methods, thrilling stimulation. History and future, the overlap of reality and illusions is a dream park.
    This is a theme park from design to manufacturing, from software to hardware, from management to operations that is completely in the hands of Chinese people.
    [Title2] [Edit this paragraph] Introduction of specific projects 1. Sunshine Plaza
    Sunshine square covers an area of ​​2,000 square meters, which is an open area. The square is open and natural, and the color is bright, so that you can feel the joyful atmosphere in advance.
    2. Fisherman's dock

    The here is a large Spanish landscape area. The architectural style is full of Andalusia flavor. The combination of the Moore culture;
    here is not only free to walk on the beach, feel the beautiful natural landscape with Spain, but also reach CAPE ROCA. Known as "the end of the earth and the beginning of the ocean."
    3. Fangte Happy Avenue
    Fangte Happy Avenue covers an area of ​​50,000 square meters, which is an open tourism commercial area. The entire street is composed of a dazzling appearance building. It has gathered a number of theme -like shops with a variety of restaurants, coffee houses, cold drink shops, and cute gift shops. There is a giant screen above the commercial street, which will play related programs regularly at night.
    4. Space World

    The footprint of human exploration of humans and experienced a magnificent space journey! A scenic spot with modern and future aerospace. Here you can be in the vast universe, touch the distant and mysterious planet, can also soar the sky, experience the wonderful feeling of flying in the sky.
    **** large projects-Star Flight **********
    A wonderful interstellar war, an unforgettable space journey
    Carmed computer control technology, high simulation action The dynamic platform and the plot of large -scale ball movies are closely coordinated, allowing you to experience a high -speed flight in the distant space world and experience a thrilling planet war.
    The project is mainly composed of preparation halls, performance halls, and general control rooms. In front of the tourists, a ball -shaped screen with a diameter of 20 meters and a inclination angle of 55 ° and a 160 ° large movie. During the experience, the spacecraft where tourists sit can be tilted, lifted, and vibrated according to the plot, and then use the lens and environmental sound and light special effects to simulate the real space flight. The project can be used for 100 viewers at a time.
    In on the gorgeous spacecraft, avoid the chaotic stone that comes on the face, cross the mysterious space -time tunnel, and go through a intense and exciting planet war!
    *** large projects-Space Mountain ***
    Fessing the footprint of human exploration of human beings, unveiling the mysterious veil of the universe
    A variety of high -tech methods such as computer dynamic simulation, multi -screen film and television synchronization, virtual reality, digital film and television and other high -tech methods, creating a large -scale theme space science and technology exhibition hall integrating education, entertainment, and knowledge. Including eight major planets, universe exploration, launching command center, time and space tunnel, people in space, star corridor and nine -screen synchronization seven exhibition areas.
    Here, tourists can not only understand the rich space knowledge from various theme exhibition halls, watch advanced aerospace technology models, but also walk on the starry sky corridor in the vast space, cross the mysterious space -time tunnel, and crack the mystery of space. Experience the magnificence of the universe. The launch command center will let you witness the thrilling scene when the Shenzhou spacecraft is launched.
    *** large projects-Flying Extreme **********
    The opportunity to travel around the world, one time to realize the free flying experience
    Life and death exploration, from kite and balloon at the hope of human flying, to airship and airplane to bring people into the blue sky, the "flying limit" will fulfill your dream of soaring.
    Fess ultimate project is a large suspension ball theater, combining the screen film machine playback screen, suspension seat system and various special effects, so that visitors can experience it in the process of watching the ball film, unprecedentedly unprecedented The real feeling of flying in the sky. The project can hold up to 99 tourists at the same time at the same time.
    Pelasia after the show, the huge hemispherical screen surrounds the audience, the majestic suspension seats flutter in the air. With the magnificent movie screen, let you fly at the same time, or fall into the abyss canyon, or cross the turbulent surging The huge waves, or hovering on the spire of the pyramid, or whistling at the peak of Mount Everest, or overlooking the steel cable through the Brooklyn Bridge ...
    5, mysterious river valley r
    Culture, experience stimulating thrilling journey
    It is in a dense rain forest, and there are abandoned ancient Mayan buildings everywhere. The ancient buildings were wrapped in the jungle, the stones were broken, and the stone pillars collapsed. Here tourists can cross the huge and mysterious pyramid by boat, enter a crisis archeological scene, and experience the most distinctive project -lost the world.
    The construction area of ​​this project is about 10,450 square meters, the total rail length is about 859 meters, and a total of 6 ships. Each ship can accommodate about 20 tourists at the same time, and the tour is about 13 minutes. The project is based on the legend of the ancient Mayan civilization, combined with DarkRide, rafting and high -altitude pendants. Tourists drift by boat, experience various dangers, feel various stimuli, and experience the excitement of 26 meters high -altitude slip.
    6. Dinosaur Peninsula

    The magnificent New York Metropolitan Museum, Busty Manhattan Avenue, Liberty Statue ... The complete presentation of a modern metropolis allows you to experience the essence of Western culture.
    **** large projects-Dinosaur crisis ********
    The most exciting disaster experience items in Asia, not to be missed!
    The large 4D Ride project today. The project makes full use of the technologies such as live scenes, three -dimensional movies, live stunts, and dynamic platforms. It integrates a number of high -tech amusement technologies such as giant screens, 4D movies, multi -freedom dynamic tour buses, and live stunts. The three -dimensional image produced is combined with the real scenes formed by special decoration and on -site stunts. It is a project that is both thrilling and welcomed by tourists.
    The total construction of the dinosaur crisis project is about 74 meters, the total width is about 60.5 meters, the highest place is about 21 meters, and the total construction area is about 4,500 square meters. composition. There are 10 dynamic cars, 12 films, and 21 special techniques.
    "Dinosaur Crisis" tells such a science fiction story. In an era of highly developed earth, the dinosaur eggs preserved in a city museum on the planet have become a fossil dinosaur resurrection after radiation material irradiation, and it has escaped the museum. The dinosaurs after radiation substance grew and reproduced at an amazing speed, and appeared in all corners of the city ...
    7. Western legend

    Oy the United States and the Indians Innocent and simple heart. A song of people and nature, a soul washing. Main projects: Western Memories, Fantasy Studio.
    *** large projects-Western Remembrance ***
    This Entering the Indian tribe open the magic door
    Western memories are a large project with Indian style as the theme and full of magic colors. Using various advanced stage illusion technology to present a variety of magic and magical scenes, combined with a series of stunts such as fire piles, animals flying away, simulated starry sky, physical fall, and disappearance of characters, you will bring you into ancient times. The Indian world tells the story of a golden region of Indiana.
    The tourists first enter the queue area and queue to enter the preview hall. The queuing area can accommodate about 510 people, and the number of preview halls can accommodate about 280; tourists enter the performance hall from the preparation hall to watch the performance, about 9 minutes, the performance hall can be available in the performance hall, the performance hall can be available for the performance hall, the performance hall can be available for the performance hall, the performance hall can be available for the performance hall, the performance hall can be available for the performance hall. The number of tolerance is about 280. In the queue area, there are queuing railings, televisions and wall decoration panels, and the TV shows the Indian expansion film. There are decorative totem columns, moon projection systems, Indian items props, and inkjet walls in the preview hall, allowing you to feel the magical charm of Indian culture.
    8. Conch Bay

    A cute and fresh marine world, colorful and full of cartoon characteristics. People walk through the beautiful coral reefs at the bottom of the sea, and appreciate the really beautiful sea movements.
    **** large project-Hailu Bay Theater ************
    The body is a beautiful underwater world appreciation. Large screens, real and fantasy physical landscapes and environmental 4D theaters with large mechanical action models. The use of various performance methods, combined with various stunts such as activity machine models, smoke, and photoelectric, show the audience a story that happened in Hailu Bay, allowing you to watch the grand performance of the underwater residents in the happy and beautiful underwater world.
    The construction area of ​​the project is about 2,700 square meters, consisting of two parts: preparation hall and starring hall. The entire project is expected to accommodate 600 people at the same time. The performance of each performance is about 15 minutes, and the traffic is expected to reach 900 people per hour.
    9. Lost Empire
    A ancient Arabic story, a wonderful magic legend
    *** large projects-Solomon seal ******
    The magic war
    Magple legend, the strange sculpture, the ancient temple will bring you into the dazzling mythical world. Here are the most advanced technical level of indoor super -large dive curtain water curtains. The largest length of the 6 water curtains is 16 meters long, 8 meters high, huge and shocking pictures, roar, the sound of water pillars and flames as the audience are the audience. Staged a shocking magic war to let you feel the charm of the mythical kingdom.
    Sollo seal tells such a magical legend: an accident caused the chaotic goddess of the evil god who had been sealed for thousands of years to the world, mysterious text, strange light, suddenly broken bile bottle ... Archaeological players will take you around to avoid the attack of the giant warriors, and finally discover the secret of getting out of trouble, find the flame crystal of Shakros divine power symbolizing justice, and enter the magnificent ancient battlefield.
    The entire project consists of a preview hall and 3 performance halls. The three performance halls can accommodate 600 audiences together, and the entire performance time is 20 minutes. The dim lights, stone walls, patterns, sculptures, and archeological props will lead tourists to gradually enter the atmosphere of archeological scenes.
    10. Children's kingdom
    It children's world of happy kingdom
    This is a cartoon and dynamic world. There are many amusement programs loved by children and adolescents here, Happy Palace, UFO, Rotating Speed, Hurricane Flying Chair, Space Speed, Double -Layers, rotating small bees, frog jumps, flying in the air, children's roller climbing, etc., which constitute The joy of teenagers and children.
    11. Vesuway volcano
    The strange geological wonders to create a living volcano, experience the thrilling stimulus of winding and running at high speed
    This is a rail mine car project. The spectacle of the volcanic eruption will appear in the middle of the scenic area, and the huge mountains seem to be cooled by the magma underground. In the night, the light of the volcanic exit shines on the starry sky, and the rumbling volcanic sounds sounded through the sky.
    The total construction area of ​​the project is about 500 square meters. The queue area consists of the waiting room, the bridge, and the upper platform. The waiting room is placed in 26 tourists every 3 minutes, and about 500 tourists can be received per hour. The volcanic eruption stunt is controlled by the stunt controller alone, and it is automatically executed every half an hour. The rail vehicle runs 140 seconds at a time.
    The rail vehicle shuttles on the winding volcano at high speed. The smoke on the orbit is filled with danger. The huge roar echoed in the mountains, and the laughter and screams of tourists were one after another.
    12. Fire meteor

    The experience of rapid meteor experience crazy stimulation
    Want to experience the speed of rapid meteor? Do you want to experience the screaming? Want to feel the world's top hanging roller coaster? The unbelievable "meteor trajectory", the mysterious "Meteor World" ... Add the fire meteor journey when it is courageous!
    The highest point is 37.8 meters, and the total rail span is 126.4 meters.
    The tourists ride on the track, hanging on the track, hanging their feet on their feet, and no blocking on both sides. Sometimes they feel at a high speed, sometimes flying in the air, and experience the free flying feeling of 80 kilometers per hour. Explore.
    13. Water World
    This and water dance passion unlimited
    and this is a large hydrophilic project with a wide water background. Adopt advanced computer control technology and high -tech means such as automatic control technology to form various hydrophilic effects, so that you can feel the novel design and feel the joy of drama in the process of participation.
    In the project area with cartoon -style style, Star Luo is distributed with various water special equipment, all kinds of vivid and interesting and interactive play items, allowing tourists to be in the fantasy water world and experience unprecedented coolness and stimuli. Essence
    14. Du Yibi Farm
    [Edit this paragraph] Opening time during business hours
    The first day of the New Year (New Year's Day to the Seventh Day); May 1st (May 1st (May 1st (May 1st (May 1st (May 1st (May 1st From 7th)
    : June 1 (June 1st to 2nd); 11 (October 1st to 7th) 9:00 ~ 20:00
    Monday to Friday) 9:00 to 18:30
    Weekend (Saturday to Sunday) 9:00 to 19:30
    mi periods on weekdays (Monday to Friday) 10:00 to 18: 00
    (other dates except summer and holidays) Weekend (Saturday to Sunday) 9:30 ~ 19:30 [Edit this paragraph] Ticket policy (enjoying the ticket purchase and entering the garden Valid documents must be shown when checking the ticket)
    The use range
    A full -price ticket 170 yuan/ person (height ≥ 1.4 meters, or age u003C70 years old)
    120 yuan/ person (1.1米≤身高< 1.4 米的儿童,且需持有成人票者陪同) rn  免票儿童( 身高< 1.1 米,持有成人票者陪同,且一张成人票限带一名免票儿童)
    Old man (age ≥ 70 years old, holding his valid identity document, and accompanied by adult tickets, a adult ticket is limited to a ticket -free elderly)
    Remarks: a adult ticket limits one with one place with one place with one place with one person with a number of adult tickets. Ticket -free children or a ticket -free old man. [Edit this paragraph] Wuhu Fangte Happy World Bus Line 1. Multi -line buses such as 5W, 13W, 23W, 30W, 32W, 103W (Night Class) to Yinxubei Road Station, you can directly reach the theme park of Wuhu Fangte Happy World Theme Park. ;
    2. Multi -line buses of 8W, 19W, 25W, 26W, 34W, and other multi -line buses can reach Wuhu Fangte Happy World Theme Park;
    3. Take 19W and 32W roads from railway stations, bus stations Bus can reach Wuhu Fangte Happy World Theme Park

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