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  1. The full name of the text network is a network cultural business license. It refers to the purpose of obtaining benefits by charging or e -commerce, advertising, sponsorship and other methods for profitability to obtain benefits to the Internet, providing Internet cultural products and their services.

    The cultural administrative departments applying for provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities that apply for business cultural activities shall make a decision to be approved or not approve within 20 days from the date of acceptance of the application. If approved, the "Network Cultural Management License" is issued and announced to the public; if it is not approved, the applicant shall notify the applicant and explain the reason. After approval by applying for business Internet activities, the "Network Cultural Management License" shall be held in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Internet Information Management Measures" to go to the telecommunications management agency or the information industry authority of the State Council to go through the relevant procedures.
    What do you need to apply for text?
    Moving music entertainment, animation products, performance shows, performances, competition activities, art and art and other businesses need to provide network cultural business licenses.
    Note: In the past two years, the live broadcast business also needs to provide online cultural business licenses.
    The category of network cultural operation license
    1. Music entertainment
    If in online music activities, such as the production, replication, distribution, import, and browsing of network music entertainment products through the Internet, and the browsing of the Internet, Using and downloading, you need to handle music and entertainment.
    2. Performance show shows
    The performance drama (section) category/performance category of online cultural business licenses. Users who do video URLs and live broadcasts must be handled, such as live broadcast websites, video portals, etc. Such as animation and comic works, including Flash animation, network expressions, mobile phone animation, etc., you need to apply for anime text.
    4. Exhibition competition category
    exhibition competition activities refer to the transmission of Internet cultural products on the Internet or pass through the Internet to computers, mobile phones and other terminals for internet users The exhibition text network text
    5. Art and art category
    artistic and artistic activities refer to the production, replication, importing, distribution, and playback of online art, as well as online art on the information network For users to browse, appreciate, use, or download online communication behavior.
    The network cultural business license handling conditions:
    1, the company's company
    2, the company's registered capital of 1 million
    3, the company belongs to domestic enterprises
    4, website website, website Domain name certificate
    5, eight computer -related personnel graduation certificates (some areas)
    6, the company's 3 employees in the company's name
    Legal and compliance operation of important vouchers
    2. Commercial cooperation knocking on stepping tiles
    3. Continuous operation of basic guarantee
    4. Showing company's strength operation
    5. Enjoying government dividends is based on
    6. Industry access Essential front
    7. Basic voucher for the platform
    8. Essential qualifications for Internet operations

    The processing process of network cultural management license:
    1. Tourism Department System
    2. Familiar with and prepare for the basic materials and professional report materials of the enterprise
    3. Sortoring and filling in the materials required for the license qualification
    4. Here Tourism Bureau) Approval
    6. Do not approve or return to modification (Note: Re -submit the materials)
    7. R N Consultation cooperation with Tianlei You only need to provide
    1, copy of the business license
    2, legal person and shareholder ID card
    3, the company's articles of association (required the latest, archives inquiry of archives inquiry)
    4, 8 computer -related personnel graduation certificates, ID cards (parts)
    5, company personnel ID card, and personnel's mobile phone, mailbox n6, company landline, legal person phone, mailbox r r
    7, website domain name certificate (purchased in the name of the company)
    8, some provinces need 1-3 network security officers

  2. First of all, you can ask questions on Baidu
    What is the network cultural business license: network cultural business license, referred to as text network text; Net texts, art essays, performances (performances) texts, exhibition competitions, Internet cafes, and Internet cafes.
    If mobile game development and operation, you need to apply for five certificates to perform compliance operations, namely:
    1, text network text;
    2, ICP license;
    3, game filing;
    4, game version number
    5, software copyright certificate.
    Among them, the ICP license application requires a pre -approval certificate to apply. At the same time, if you apply for the five certificates of the game, you need to go to the five management bureaus, respectively:
    1, the text of the text should be handled in the Provincial Department of Culture; ;
    3, game filing should be handled at the Ministry of Culture;
    4, the game version number should be handled at the General Administration of Press and Publication;
    5, software copyright certificate Conditions that need to be met in network cultural operations permits are:
    1, companies that are established by XIN Camps
    2, company registered funds of 1 million
    3, the company belongs to domestic enterprises
    4,,, the company is
    4,,, the company is
    4,,,, the company is
    4,,,, the company
    4,,, the company n4,, the company n4,,,,, the company
    4,,,, the company
    4,,,, the company
    4,,,, the company
    4,,,, the company
    4,, the company,,,,,
    4, Website domain name certificate
    5, eight computer -related personnel graduation certificates
    6, 3 employees in the company name
    The materials required to apply for network cultural management licenses are:
    1, business AN photo copy
    2, legal person and shareholder ID card
    3, company constitution (required the latest, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau stamped the file query seal)
    4, 8 computer -related personnel graduation cards, return ID cards, return ID card
    5, company personnel ID card, and personnel's mobile phone, mailbox
    6, company landline, legal person's mobile phone, mailbox n7, website answer domain name certificate (company name purchase)
    8, some provinces need to need 1-3 network security officers

  3. Network cultural business license, referred to as text network. Operating online games requires legal documents obtained from the Ministry of Culture.

  4. Wenwangwen refers to Internet information service providers engaged in operating Internet cultural activities by the cultural administrative department and telecommunications management agency. Among them, operating Internet cultural activities refer , Sponsor and other methods to obtain benefits and provide activities for Internet cultural products and their services.

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