How do I apply for an official account in Xiaohongshu? Blue V certified?

I want to apply for the official account of the enterprise on Xiaohongshu? Is there any great god, please inform, thank you

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  1. Blue V certification requires business licenses
    If it is an individual industrial and commercial households, they still need the front and back of the legal person ID card
    In the form of a company, the official seal of the certification official letter
    The audit fee is not refunded
    The is not understood, willing to help you.

  2. Nowadays, products in all walks of life have not only rely on offline drainage. Many companies have begun to promote and propagate through online promotion. Xiaohongshu is the main APP that companies are currently promoting. They often use Xiaohongshu. Friends know that Xiaohongshu attracted many users with notes.
    I Hongshu officially announced in January 2020 that its brand number has been officially upgraded to the enterprise number to relax the entry threshold of merchants, and all subjects holding business licenses can apply for settlement. On the basis of the opening of the original brand number and online stores, Xiaohongshu Enterprise has simultaneously opened up the connection of offline stores. It is recommended to the nearby store according to the user's location. Users "plant grass" from online, and at the same time can be able to online stores and online stores and Offline stores are "weed", and merchants and communities have inspired users to continue to produce high -quality content through in -depth operations.
    The business number of business enterprise certification Xiaohongshu has more credit endorsements, and has strong functional rights. It is not a way to make a brand and drainage promotion in Xiaohongshu. See how to authenticate the Xiaohongshu Enterprise Number! For details, please add VX:
    . The enterprise number certification is banned into the industry
    before applying for the small red book enterprise number, the business must check whether the business license is involved in the scope of the ban on the industry stipulated by Xiaohongshu. Once the name, avatar, account profile, and other corporate information of the certification account include the following ban on the industry, it will not pass the enterprise number certification. (Enterprise number certification fee is 600 yuan, and the certification failure will not be refunded)
    1. The health care product industry must provide an additional "Domestic/Import Health Food Approval Certificate" in the supplementary qualification part;
    2 . Invisible lenses and beauty instruments need to provide relevant certifications and quality inspection reports. For detailed information, please consult private information;
    3. Members of the financial industry's "one line and three meetings" belong to the scope of access, and funds, private equity, trust, virtual virtuality Currency and other related, as well as the Internet financial industry belongs to the banned industry.
    . Information required for enterprise number certification
    1. Business license
    (1) Mainland Chinese enterprises need the latest industrial and commercial business license (three certificates in one), black and white copy must be stamped with color The official seal, the requirements are clear and complete.
    (2) Overseas Chinese and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises need to prepare the original color scanning parts of effective registration documents, and it must be stamped with the company's color official seal or the company's person in charge to sign to indicate the signature position.
    2. Little Red Book Certification Application letter
    (1) The certification public letter should be filled in in accordance with the template "official certification application official letter". Do not support electronic chapters, financial chapters, and contract stamps.
    (2) If there is no official seal of the individual industrial and commercial households, the front and back of the legal person's ID card must be provided.
    3. Industry qualifications
    If industry certifications need to provide relevant qualification materials, such as ordinary cosmetics manufacturers in the beauty industry provide "Cosmetic Production Enterprise Health License", food and beverage production parties provide "Food Production License", etc. , Specific industry qualifications can be privately consult.
    This: The business license, the official letter and the qualification materials need to prepare the paper version of the file, and then take a clear and complete electronic photo for certification upload.
    . Enterprise number certification process
    1. Open the small red book mobile app, click in the following order to enter the enterprise number certification page: the bottom right corner [I] → the setting icon on the homepage → [account number and security] → [Identity Certification] → [Enterprise Certification] → [Application immediately].
    2. Enter the enterprise number certification page, and fill in [Account Basic Information], [Main Information], [Operating Information], and uploading [Business License] and [Little Red Book Enterprise Certification Letter].
    Note: The account name, the account of the account, and the avatar should be related to the enterprise, and the vocabulary and avatars that violate the specifications of the platform must not be used. Please check whether the official letter is not correct before uploading the file, whether the photo is complete and clear, and upload according to the file size requirements.
    3. If related qualification authorization is involved, please upload information to the [Supplementary Information] column. [Operation Information] Fill in the information of the enterprise number operator (need to be consistent with the operator information filled in the official letter), and upload the front and back color electronic photos of the ID card. After completing all the information filling and uploading, remember to enter a number on the [other], you can consult in advance.
    4. After submitting materials and paying 600 yuan for certification, the auditors will contact you within 3 working days and send emails to confirm with users. If the materials need to be supplemented, the auditors will continue to follow up within 7 subsequent 7 working days.
    The certification process of Xiaohongshu Enterprise is not complicated, but if the industry and qualifications are not too close, it will directly lead to the failure of the certification. See if your business industry is the access industry, whether the information information is filled in accurately, etc. All authentication issues can help you solve it, and you can also help you submit certification. The certification pass rate is more guaranteed than submitting it by yourself. You only need to submit the official required 600 yuan certification fee for Xiaohongshu. Essence
    The above is the detailed introduction of the mobile phone authentication of Xiaohongshu Enterprise. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to us.

  3. As a lifestyle platform for young people, Xiaohongshu suddenly made a sudden effort. The monthly work has exceeded 100 million. When the Douyin and Kuaishou Blue V Enterprise name have been in the middle of the day, Xiaohongshu finally opened the enterprise number. Why do you need to authenticate the Xiaohongshu Enterprise Number?
    The first step: download the Xiaohongshu app, register account, bind a mobile phone, it is best to fix a mobile phone login. Note that the account name can be changed once a month.
    Step 2: Enter "I" through the APP point and find settings to enter "account and security"-"identity certification". Some personal certification, institutional certification and corporate certification, selecting enterprise certification. (Figure 2, Figure 3)
    The third step, the enterprise number is applied for certification. Before the certification, the enterprise can first understand the corporate number certification review standard, the certification official letter, the review fee of 600 yuan, and then apply. (Figure 4)
    Step 4: Fill in the basic information of the account number before submitting the review. Name/brand filling in the name of the official characteristics
    3, account introduction: need to objectively describe information about enterprises/websites/apps and other information
    4, industry category: divided into first -level industries and secondary industries
    5,,, Enterprise information: business license, enterprise name, social code, location, business period
    6, certification public letter (Figure 7)
    7, operator information: operator name, mailbox, telephone, etc. (Figure 5, Figure 6)
    The failed reasons for the failure of Little Red Book Certification
    The application for submitting qualifications is invalid, unreal, or do not support certification. Requirements;
    The names of the small red bookstore shop are inconsistent with the name of the corporate number;
    This than the validity period of the order, the validity period of the single audit order is 30 days, and the certification of the overdue or related certification does not meet the requirements, and the certification fails.
    The information specifications of Xiaohongshu Enterprise account
    account name: It can be based on the main name of the business license, or it can be named based on trademarks, websites or software applications. Support the expansion naming of related industries and regions.
    ARD Introduction: No more than 20 words, objectively describing relevant information, must not violate the law.
    The avatar upload: It has certain correlation with the name of the main business license, brand, website, and application.
    industry category: select category according to its own characteristics.
    The above is the relevant content of how Xiaohongshu certifying the enterprise number. It is recommended that enterprises carefully read the corporate number certification review standards carefully before certifying the Little Red Book to avoid being returned after submitting the review.
    It this time the Xiaohongshu Enterprise registration is shared here. I am a Xiaohongshu Enterprise certification service provider. If you have more questions, you can leave a message or private message

  4. Certification Xiaohongshu Enterprise Number needs to prepare the following information:
    The latest three -in -one business license (individual industrial and commercial household licenses can also be certified)

    certification official letters (individual households need legal person signing, enterprise stamps seal sealing ),
    The related industry qualifications
    It materials above need to prepare scan or upload to the certification page. Before authentication, check the information, especially to confirm whether the industry belongs to Xiaohongshu forbidden to enter the industry to enter the industry. Otherwise, after submitting the certification, the certification was rejected, and it was discovered that it was banned from entering the industry. It was a waste of certification costs. Therefore, before the certification, he found a professional official certification service provider to check the information to ensure the pass rate and avoid the failure of the certification.
    The service provider please Xin to find "Qi Fiber Media"

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