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  1. According to reports, the blockchain has the advantages of decentralization, decentralization, and non -tampering.
    The reports that the base layer protocol of the blockchain is relatively obscure and the language is not rich, resulting in a high application threshold. Therefore, the developer tool project has become the core part of the blockchain project ecosystem. In particular, the emergence of smart contracts has accelerated the application process of blockchain technology with its flexible and strong characteristics.
    Compared with smart contracts, EOS provides developers with more underlying modules, such as parallel operations, databases, account systems, etc. The third -generation blockchain technology such as Aion makes cross -chain transactions possible. Among them, COSMOS is a network composed of a large number of independent blockchain. Through its network, users can use the internal blockchain tolerance package to transfer the tokens from a blockchain to another blockchain.
    Compared with the Internet, the blockchain network conceived by COSMOS has also realized asset value transmission while information interaction. Through the IBC cross -chain protocol, the COSMOS -based Core -developed blockchain can realize the inter -currency cross -chain transfer. For public chains generated by POW consensus mechanisms like Ethereum, the PEGGED ZONE bridge can be used.
    Source of article: Bit 110 net

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    Consistency problem
    Consistency problem is a problem that is more difficult to solve the distributed storage system. Usually this link has a disaster backup function. Most of the synchronous operations are placed in "idle time", so A background operation. The blockchain uses a "front" synchronization operation. When a block is generated, the update of the blockchain requires all copies to complete the content of consistent content. If the content is stored in the block, then the updated data amount is multiplied by the number of updated content, coupled with the transmission distance and bandwidth of the copy, the entire operation is time -consuming. Synchronous time, as shown in the figure.
    The adopting this method will affect the response to high -frequency applications, such as many trading scenarios. Therefore, the method of solving consistency issues is to control the size of the update content, and the second is to limit the number of copies. The implementation of the Bitcoin system is the former, and the private chain is applied to the latter.

    The maintenance hashto
    The consistency problem is indeed the key to the future application of blockchain technology. How to lower the "magic"? His idea is given. If the amount of synchronous data is only 64 -bit or 128 -bit numbers, then the consistency is at least controllable. In this mode, any digital assets (such as files, pictures, video videos, monitoring records, software, etc.) data in the blockchain service do not need to be stored on the blockchain. The updated content is only the corresponding number. Therefore, how to reduce dimension is a problem in this model, and the content of consensus is natural semantics. When the natural semantics transition to the number of numerals recognized, the multi -dimensional natural semantics and metadata need to complete the one -to -one relationship mapping. This process needs to reduce the dimension of information. Among them, hash, coding and other technologies are used. For example, a 9G genome file needs to be reduced to a binary series with dimensions to balance the negative external characteristics of the blockchain synchronous front chain, and ultimately enable the execution algorithm of the smart contract to use this to identify the "authenticity" of the object. What needs to be reminded is that Mewanni Swanfan is not an address in this way (the address is the storage address of digital asset data, such as the storage address of the genome file. Clarifying the ownership of Bitcoin, similar to the transaction Party A and B, is the content of the transaction) mapping, if the address information is preserved in the blockchain.
    is a mechanism that violates the content consensus, and the second is to greatly reduce the security of the system. Once illegal intruders get any copy, the storage space of the contract content can be found for tampering. The process of lowering the dimension is similar to "compression", which requires compression based on specific information such as data content, file characteristics, and timestamps. In this way, the execution algorithm of smart contracts can use this to determine the "authenticity" of the specified content. So this process is complex and arduous, and the amount of engineering is huge.
    In the connection of smart contracts
    The core of the smart contract is to use a program algorithm to replace the contract to execute the contract. From this concept, the execution of the contract can be analog "Alipay". When the buyer and the seller reached a transaction on Taobao, the two money and goods will be executed in accordance with the Alipay procedure, and the sale of doubles

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello ~ I am a Baidu cooperative lawyer. I have received your question. I need a little time to edit the answer and wait.nBlockchain is a shared database, which is stored in it, and has the characteristics of irreplaceable, full marks, traceability, openness, transparency, and collective maintenance.nBlockchain can be understood as a shared, non -altered electronic ledger, and can record trading and track assets in the network.nThe assets here can be tangible (such as houses and cars) or intangible (such as intellectual property, patent and brand).nAlmost anything valuable can be tracked and traded on the blockchain network, thereby reducing risks and costs in all aspects.nDear, you have made a detailed answer for you. Please read it carefully. After reading, there are any questions or what you don't understand, you can continue to ask me.nAt present, the largest application of blockchain technology is digital currency, because the essence of payment is "increased the reduction in account A to the account B"nEssence If people have a public account book that records all the transactions of all account so far, then for any account, people can calculate the amount it has currently owned. The blockchain is exactly the public account book for this purpose, which preserves all transaction records.nThe foundation of the blockchain technology is open source. In addition to the encryption of the private information of all parties in trading, the blockchain data is open to everyone. Anyone can query the blockchain data and develop related applications through open interfaces. Therefore The system information is highly transparent.nDear, you have made a detailed answer for you. Please read it carefully. After reading, there are any questions or what you don't understand, you can continue to ask me.nMore 8nBleak

  4. Rongzhong Finance's "Frontier Salon" National Internet Financial Association Blockchain Research Working Group leader and former president of Bank of China Mr. Li Lihui will interpret the value of blockchain technology, causing us to think about the future opportunities and challenges of the blockchain.

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  5. Blockchain is a new type of distributed database, also known as distributed ledger. Blockchain technology uses blockchain structure to verify and storage data. , And through the programmable script code, implement data synergy.
    The characteristics such as traceability, non -tampering, openness and transparency. Password Finance () Focus on blockchain information.

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