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  1. What needs to be distinguished is that "network mutual assistance" is not "network mutual aid finance", the so -called mutual aid finance is essentially financial MLM. The basic model is that after personal capital contribution, you can start to develop offline. Um cash return. Mutual aid finance generates early and fast transmission, so many people, especially consumers, are easy to confuse financial MLM and network mutual assistance. Common platforms for financial MLM include: MMM, YBI, Morris, CNC, Boston, binary options, etc.
    and "network mutual assistance" is a combination of original insurance form and the Internet. The Internet information matching function is used. Members promise to bear each other's risk losses through agreement. Gold does not exceed several yuan and avoids the problem of solvency.
    All members based on the rights and obligations agreed by everyone to rely on the Internet to build a rescue system to resist major illness and accidents. Basically manifested that after each member joined, the cost of about 10 yuan was paid. When any member (including himself) had a serious illness or accident, everyone was awarded the stall to help the victim. 2011 is the first year of network mutual assistance, and 2016 is the outbreak of network mutual assistance. The main network mutual assistance platforms include: anti -cancer communes, 17 mutual aid, concentric assistance, E mutual assistance, water drip mutual assistance, crowd -entrusted help, boasting alliance, gecko mutual assistance, zebra club and other platforms.

  2. The network mutual assistance is different from charity. The network mutual assistance is limited to providing relevant assistance between members in accordance with the promise agreed in advance. The information is more open and transparent; network mutual assistance is not insurance.
    It is like a gecko mutual assistance. This is a community of members. If some of them are unfortunately suffering from serious illness or accidents, other members promise to raise mutual aid for them in the way of "makeup" to help others at the same time. Get guaranteed.

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