1 thought on “RND currency Huangzheng is on several exchanges”

  1. RND currency Huangzheng was on 7 exchanges.
    [The RND founded by a 12 -year -old elementary student exceeded 180 million! ]
    Ip, outside the teaching development smart contract, the little boy created the project The Randomdao, the circulating token was RND with a total of 37.8 trillion.
    [Huang Zheng Declaration]
    Statement: RND is a token used for practicing and teaching videos of Solidity programming. It is only used as a demonstration in Solidity programming teaching video without any actual value. All the transactions of RND have nothing to do with me. I hope you do n’t speculate in buying and selling. All the consequences brought by the buying and selling RND have nothing to do with me!

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