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  1. Self -checking and self -correction report (6 articles)
    This time is too fast to be overwhelmed. The work has come to an end. And complete the self -inspection report. So do you really know how to write a self -check report? The following is a self -examination and self -correction report (6 articles) for the self -examination and self -examination of me. I hope to help everyone.

    The self -check and self -correction report 1 We have 28 administrative villages in our XX town, 32 villages that have not merged 4 villages, and implement 32 villages with village -level finance separately. The spirit, the self -correction work of rural financial management in our town is now as follows:
    1. Strengthening rural financial management and promoting the healthy development of village -level finance.
    Rural finance is the overall situation of stability and development of rural society; it is the guarantee of implementing the party's policies and policies in rural areas; it is the most basic job responsibility of our agricultural personnel. To this end, since the merger of XX town in XX Town, we have issued a notice of the "XX Town Village -level Collective Economic Organization Financial Management System" since the merger. More than 10 studies and discussions have been conducted in the form of conference training. From the perspective of the implementation of the system, XX Town and Village -level finances have basically been standardized, institutionalized, orbit, and levels. Uniformly implement the village account town management, all computer accounts, ensure the autonomy of the village -level organization accounting accounting financial management autonomy, and uniformly implement a pen approval. More than 2,000 yuan requires collective research. It is reported to the town agricultural economic station for review, and the leaders are in charge of the approval of the leaders. Democratic financial management is uniformly implemented, and each business can only be reported after reviewing and signing by the Democratic Financial Management Group to increase transparency. It is strictly forbidden to eat non -productive expenditures such as eating and drinking.
    . Strengthen audit supervision and increase village -level financial transparency
    1. Our XX town has established rural financial audit institutions and equipped with special auditors. At the end of last year, the finances of the villages in the town were tried again at the end of the year, and 4 audit reports were formed. From the perspective of auditing, most villages' debt and debt understands that non -productive expenditures have been in place. Villages have a fixed financial publication bar, which can announce financial revenue and expenditure on time. However, there are also the following problems: 1. Henan films have excessive inventory cash, which is because the family planning pads have not been included over the years.
    2. Controlling debt raising, high debt -proof and high bombs, it is indeed necessary to carry out the spiritual execution of Four Zhengfa [20xx] No. 46.
    . Improve the accounting personnel to hold the job and strengthen the supervision of democratic financial management.
    The town has a total of 32 villages, including 25 on the job certificate, 7 without a job certificate, 3 new accountants, 32 Democratic Financial Group, and a member of the Democratic Finance Group XX0 to strengthen the villagers and owners of each villagers. The training of members of the wealth management team allows them to be familiar with the relevant content of the village -level financial system and truly play a role in democratic financial management.
    On self -check and self -correction report 2 In order to further strengthen the management of fiscal funds, serious financial discipline, comprehensively improve the efficiency of financial funds and the level of financial and financial management, manage illegal violations from the source, and ensure the security of financial funds. According to the "XX XX The requirements of the Municipal People's Government's Office on the Municipal Financial Inspection (XX [2012] XX number) documents, XX Town conducts a comprehensive large inspection of the 20XX annual financial revenue and expenditure and fund management and use. The specific situation is as follows:
    1. Strengthen leadership, carefully organize
    The financial institutes reported to government leaders in time, which received great attention from leadership, and organized a meeting of financial and financial self -inspection and self -inspection by all financial personnel. In accordance with relevant financial and economic regulations, the requirements for inspection procedures, inspection time and work are formulated. Strictly follow the requirements of the "Notice", organize self -examination and self -inspection work to ensure that the task of self -inspection and self -examination self -inspection is successfully completed on schedule.
    . Basic situation and self -examination conclusion
    (1) Financial institutions and personnel setting conditions
    1. XX town sets up accounting institutions separately to implement the "Administrative Unit's Accounting System", "Accounting of Public Unit, Accounting for Institutions" "System", some accounting personnel XX people, including college bachelor's degree XX people, high school education XX people, some XX people have junior accounting titles, no accounting personnel have unlicensed jobs, and continuing education is arranged in accordance with regulations.
    2. Accounting position setting. There are audit posts, internal audit positions, accounting archives management positions, microcomputer management (accounting) positions, and cashier positions in accordance with regulations.
    3. Accounting and accounting reports. Build accounts in accordance with the regulations, account for accounting in accordance with the applicable unified accounting system, the accounting account is enabled for registration, the accounting vouchers are filled in, and the integrity of the financial report format is in accordance with the specifications. In accordance with the truth, the electronic and electronic production materials meet the regulations, the internal accounting supervision mechanism is sound, and the law stipulates that the audited audited by the social audit, no accounting and private "small vault" behavior.
    (2) Establishment of the internal control system
    1. job responsibilities. According to the requirements and work needs of the superiors, set up positions, set up employees, and clarify post duties. The responsibilities of eighteen positions, accounting, and cashier have the responsibilities of the post; the responsibilities of the budget accounting position; the responsibilities of the accounting of financial accounting; the responsibilities of the agricultural and financial accounting positions; Responsibilities of management positions; statistical evaluation and management of post responsibilities; responsibilities of the management of notes; responsibilities of housing fund management officers; responsibilities of government procurement management officers; responsibility for information officer positions; accounting and cashier position responsibilities; archive management responsibilities; financial unification management Responsibilities of posts; inspecting posts; internal audit positions; microcomputer management positions.
    2. Management system. The management system has the seal management system; the accounting file management system; account and bank reconciliation management system; capital income, expenditure management; fund application, approval, check -in, checkout management; special fund management system; government procurement management; financial disclosure system; disclosure of; Management of fixed assets; management of education funds and rural compulsory education funds; the implementation rules of administrative accountability methods, the implementation rules of the first office responsibility, and the implementation rules for the implementation of the system.
    In financial management regulations, internal control accounting systems, and bank account SMS banking (account real -time information information and abnormal warning notice), it has been established Bank seal and transfer, and cash checks are kept separately, and the bank deposit journal is recorded, and the banks are checked on time to effectively eliminate each business and accounting and cashier business for one person to ensure the security, standardized, and effective use of financial funds.
    (3) The implementation of financial budget calculations and revenue and expenditure
    1. The implementation of general budget income of local fiscal fiscal.
    The year of 20XX, the general budget revenue was completed throughout the year, and it was XX%of the budget of XX 10,000 yuan at the beginning of the year. Compared with the previous year, XX 10,000 yuan was increased XX 10,000 yuan, an increase of XX%.
    2. Local financial general budget expenditure
    20xx years, local general budget expenditure XX 10,000 yuan, an increase of XX 10,000 yuan from the previous year, an increase of XX%. Among them, the expenditure formed by the superior's special funds was XX 10,000 yuan, an increase of XX 10,000 yuan from XX 10,000 yuan last year, and an increase of XX%.
    3. The balance of the general budget
    The general budget income XX 10,000 yuan, plus the level subsidy XX 10,000 yuan, plus the annual balance of XX 10,000 yuan, the total income XX 10,000 yuan; the general budget expenditure XX 10,000 yuan, the general budget expenditure XX 10,000 yuan, Coupled with the solution of XX 10,000 yuan, the total expenditure is XX 10,000 yuan; the revenue and expenditure are offset, and the town's fiscal year at the end of the fiscal year is XX 10,000 yuan (the balance of XX 10,000 yuan this year).
    4. Fund revenue and balance
    The income XX 10,000 yuan (superior fund) this year. The expenditure is arranged XX 10,000 yuan this year, and there is no more than at the end of the year.
    (4) The revenue and expenditure of the budget outside the budget
    20xx annual budget outside funds income XX yuan (general budget funds income XX yuan, coordinated fund income XX yuan), 20xx annual budget outside budget funds XX yuan (general budget extra -expenditure XX yuan, coordinated fund expenditure XX yuan), cumulative budget at the end of the year Foreign capital balance XX yuan, of which: special funds balance XX yuan, general budget foreign funds balance XX yuan, coordinated funds balance XX yuan.
    (6) Self -examination conclusions
    1. No interception, concealment, crowding, misappropriation, stagnation, and sitting support shall be solved to pay the fiscal revenue of the financial department, and the problem of fiscal revenue is falsely increased.
    2. No unauthorized occupation, use and disposal of state -owned assets.
    3. No unauthorized charging (including charges that still execute the cancellation and suspension of execution), and the extension of the scope of charging and improving the charging standards without authorization.
    4. Buildings and products that should be implemented by government procurement should be implemented without authorization.
    5. No false reports, ribbons, corruption financial special funds, and problems such as stagnation, interception, and misappropriation of special funds that should be allocated.
    6. No stagnation, interception, misappropriation of financial transfer payment funds, and direct grain supplement, good variety subsidy funds and other issues.
    7. Selflessly deposit fiscal funds or other public funds and fakes.
    8. There are no "white strips" to account, use the invalid bills, and destroy bills without authorization.
    9. No issues such as opening or using accounts without authorization.
    . The existing problems and handling opinions
    (1) The following problems are in the construction of the foundation of the accounting foundation:
    1. The phenomenon of incomplete signs of the bookkeeping voucher.
    2. The summary of the account certificate is unclear.
    3. Some attachment documents have not been stamped with attachment seals.
    4. Details that do not pay attention to business processing.
    The processing opinion: further strengthen the standardized construction of accounting basic work in terms of learning, institutional, inspection and other aspects.
    (2) The problems existing in the unit of units
    1. The amount of debt and debt is large, and the nature is unclear.
    2. Long -term accounting, most of them were formed before.
    3. The original accounting accounts of Cai and Traditional Chinese are unclear, and the exchanges are unknown.
    The processing opinion: Clean up the debt and debt, distinguish the nature, and take economic and legal means to clear it to prevent the loss of state -owned assets.
    (3) The contract management, bidding, and work supervision management in engineering management are weak.
    The processing opinion: Increase the study, publicity, and strengthen supervision of engineering management.
    (4) The accounting of accounting is lagging, and the electroculation skills of accountants are uneven. Except for the total budget and budget, the rest of the accounting is manual.
    The processing opinion: Gradually promote the accounting of accounting according to the actual situation, and establish a compatible information system management system.
    (5) Trace management and standardized management of traces in regulatory
    1. In the management of subsidy funds and project funds, it has been publicized in accordance with relevant requirements, but does not pay attention to the collection and finishing of picture information. Work, lack of management marks.
    2. In the supervision of subsidy funds and project funds, the main links have been supervised in accordance with relevant requirements, but not forming a standard table material.
    The treatment opinion: strictly accordance with the "Guidance Opinions of the Ministry of Finance on Effectively Strengthening the Supervision of Township and Township Fund" and the "Notice and Procedure of the Ministry of Finance on Printing and Distributing the Management Measures and Process of Townships and Township" Public traces of information collection and finishing work.
    S self -examination and self -correction report. 3 County Science and Technology Bureau attaches great importance to scientific and technological statistics, and take the authenticity of statistical work data as the only goal of statistical work. With the guidance of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the strong support of relevant departments and enterprises, through the joint efforts of all statisticians, the scientific and technological statistical tasks are carried out in an orderly manner in a timely and comprehensive and accurate promotion. According to the arrangement of the meeting on June 21, the self -investigation and self -correction situation is reported as follows:
    . The completion of the completion
    The statistics involved in the Science and Technology Bureau are mainly popular science statistics reports and the whole society R

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