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  1. Surprise means surprising; the meaning of the raid, then do you know what are the phrase of Surprise? Next, I have compiled the Surprise's phrase for everyone, I hope it will be helpful to you!
    Surprise's phrase:
    Surprise with (v. prep.)
    In (someone) surprised Give A Surprise of (STH) with
    they surprised us with a visit.
    Surprise Out of (v. Adv. Prep.)
    did not intentionally let someone say something force (sb) to say sth by
    the count society The court's coldness caused the defendant to recruit.
    Surprise Into (v. Prep.)
    In the urgent way of promoting ... Force (sb) into (Action or Doing Sth) by
    with an question, The Clever Lawyer Surprise Into admission of his guilt. Smart lawyers forced the prisoner to recognize his crime with an unexpected problem.
    Surprise by (v. Prep.)
    to make (someone) surprised Give A Surprise of (STH) by Doing Sth
    I Surprise by others. A terrible mask surprised everyone.
    he surprise, us by procing from his pocket a file-point note.
    Surprise at (v. Prep.)
    Bai ... Surprising Give a Feeling of Surprise to sth
    There is nothing to be surprised at.
    (Much/Greatly) to one Surprise
    This that surprised someone is not exten sth is to have happen
    to our great surprise. Won the prize.
    take by surprise
    1. Insexual or unsteady attacks, capture Attack, Capture, ETC. SB/STH or WITHOUT Warning
    the positionman too, When stolen the window at night, the police caught him coldly.
    The town was well defered so there was little of taking it was surprise.
    The invaders took the town by surprise. The invaders suddenly attacked and captured the city.
    The Fort Was Taken by Surprise.
    2. A surprise of someone, so as to shock sb Slightly
    the news took me by surprise. The news surprised me.

    The analysis of synonymous words:
    saprise, amaze, asstonish, asstound, startle, stun
    These verbs are "surprised, surprised, and surprise".
    Surprise: Ordinary words, mostly a sense of surprise caused by unpredictable or unexpected things.
    amaze: Strong tone, referring to being surprised or confused because it is impossible or rarely possible.
    Astonish: The tone is strong, pointing out that it is expected, accidents, but you can't be explained and surprised.
    Astound: Strong tone, refers to the incredible or rare of things that make people feel shocked.
    startle: It is shocking or shocked by sudden fright or unexpected stimulus.
    stun: The strongest tone, stunned by extremely surprised and was at a loss.
    The phrase of Surprise:
    1. Sue screamed, not loudly, more in surprise than terror. n screaming, the sound is not loud, more amazing than fear.
    2. The forever office in london has exprprise at thedse.
    The British Ministry of Foreign Affairs in London was surprised by these statements.
    3. She looked as if the had caught her by suribrise.
    It seems to be caught off guard by the photographer.
    4. Bob tried the door. to his Surprise it open.
    Bob tried to push the door. What surprised him was that the door opened.
    5. The Surprise Twists in the Storyline Are the Films Greatest Stringth.
    The most exciting part of the film is the twists and turns of the plot.
    6. Surprise a new neighbour with one of your favourite home-made dishes.
    to make a new nostalgic side dish and give your new neighbor a surprise.
    7. When you Venture Outside, you are in for a Surprise.
    M n When you go out for adventure, you will definitely encounter unexpected things.
    8. The Surprise Gift is a Thankyou for Our Help.
    This gifts are to thank us for help.
    9. Majors Reply Came as a Complete Surprise to the House of Commons.
    Meo's answer surprised the House of Representatives.
    10. It did come as a gy groat surprise to me, I might say.
    This can say that, this did not surprise me.
    11. Baxter Arrived Here this afternoon, on a Surprise Visit.
    Bakstet suddenly came here this afternoon.
    12. The Surprise Cration an UProar in the University. R
    This sudden announcement may cause riots in the United States.
    13. The vividness of the care as a completing surprise.
    The vividness of the character's portrayal is completely unexpected.
    1 14. These jumbled should be no cause for surprise.
    This is nothing to be surprised.
    15. The Rebels Attempt a Surprise Raid on a Mility Camp.

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