1 thought on “Star Naiji Doll Machine Settings”

  1. If the doll machine is with LCD motherboard, it can be found on the screen. Pressing to 00 is normal. Press 20 to the front and rear motors. Press to about 30 tone motors.
    1: Monter settings adjustment adjustment problem:
    The currency is divided into 2 types, one is a one -dollar coin dropper, one is a comparison coin dropper, and the coin port is silver. Open the coin drop -device door, long press the black button in the picture instruction until the indicator light is on; the second step is to invest 30 coins until the red light is died, and the black button in the indicator of the picture is long. Press the key until the red light is destroyed. 2: Compared with the coin dropper setting method:
    In the coin drop -device door, pull up the active switch vertically; there is a gap of currency size on the side of the arc.

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