5 thoughts on “What is the postcode of Ireland Cork WatergrassHill?”

  1. There is no zip code in Ireland. If you send it to Ireland, you don't need to write the postcode, just write the specific address.
    Irland: city:; region: Cork; National: Irish (IE); Postal code: None.
    The address of the address to Ireland is as follows:
    ,, CO. Cork. Ireland.
    Extension information:
    If international mailing precautions:
    1, Hong Kong's small bag weighs not more than two kg, more than two kg can go to Hong Kong postal big bags or EMS;
    2, long wide Gao He is less than 90 cm, the longest diameter is less than 60 cm, and greater than 12 cm;
    3, the clear recipient address and country, some of which are easily confused by the country. Such as: IReland (Ireland);
    4, the address label is applied to the middle area of ​​the largest surface of the parcel with the appropriate proportion; Plants, etc.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-International Mailing Service

  2. Ireland only has the so -called postcode (officially does not call it as the postcode, but it actually plays the role of zip code), and there is no postcode in other regions.

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