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  1. A basket of currencies refers to the currency of multiple major trading countries, which is compiled into a comprehensive currency index according to the proportion of trades, which is commonly known as a basket currency. For example, the exchange rate of Singapore currency is linked to a basket of currencies of Singapore's trading partners, Thailand and Israel, the Asian financial turmoil, in the past, and the exchange rate in the past also stared at a basket of currencies.

    Generally speaking, the currency is staring at a basket of currencies or a specific currency (such as the US dollar), which is a type of adjustment to the exchange rate system. If the country belongs to the high proportion of trade in a single country (like China in the past 90 % of foreign trade with the United States), it is suitable for adopting a single currency; otherwise, countries with many countries with rivals countries can stare at a basket of currencies.

    The countries that adopt the exchange rate system must regularly review changes in the economic and financial situation and re -formulate fixed exchange rate goals.

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