3 thoughts on “Where to recharge the Steam wallet on the mobile app?”

  1. You can use the Alipay APP to recharge. The specific operation method is:
    1. Open the Steam application, click the avatar in the upper left corner, and then check my wallet.
    2, select the amount that needs to be recharged afterwards.
    3. Click on the right to recharge options on the right.
    4, drop -down payment menu, select Alipay for payment.
    5, check related protocols later.
    6, then find the jump to the Alipay option in the lower right corner of the page and click the selection.
    7, then take out the phone and turn on Alipay to scan the payment.

  2. If your phone happens to be stolen, such a conscience game will unfortunately become a ramen with soup game, ha, let's!

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