1 thought on “How to crack the Yanyu Jianghu Yaowang Valley Cave Organization”

  1. Enter the game to Yaowang Valley, click the authority and the Wuwei Jiu Palace array above, and move the pointer to light up the Jiugong Array to complete the crack.
    Tools / ingredients: ASUS Fei 7, Windows 10, Yanyu Rivers and Lake V1.0.
    1. Open the Yanyu Rivers and Lake, and click on the upper right corner to Yaowang Valley.
    2. Click the agency of the Puppet Valley Cave in the upper right corner of the page.
    3. Click the option of Wuwei Nine Palace Corps above the authority.
    4, the metal pointer of the mobile Wuwei Jiu Palace, lighting up the Jiugong Array, you can crack the organ.

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