1 thought on “Mexican silver coin eagle value 8r.as.1879.d.l.10 ds.20 gs.”

  1. Hello, in terms of the price, 400-500
    8R is 8 Rylle means currency units. AS is the abbreviation of "ALAMOS" and is the mark of the Alamos Mint in Mexico. 1879 is the year
    ; "DL" is the abbreviation of the name of the batch inspector; the symbols such as "10D" and "20G" are the virtuality of the standards such as weight and silver content to ensure the silver value of the eagle. Generally speaking, the lace eagle is 39 mm in diameter, weighs 27.07 grams, and has a color of 90.30%.

    "Alamos Edition". The factory was cast from 1864 to 1895. The rare price in China is slightly higher, but I went to South America a few years ago and collected more revisions. Personally, I think that it is only less circulating to Asia, and the output is still large. Consider Baidu Eagle Ocean.

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