3 thoughts on “6 news scenes 7850 set up Litecoin mining machines. Two graphics cards do not work.”

  1. How do you insert 6 graphics cards in H61? The only one in the last six is ​​the server motherboard. And do you make money for mining? Now this stuff has been blocked, and there is no trading platform when I dug it. I personally feel that this is MLM. Personal opinions, don't listen to it. Also, please modify the heat dissipation of mining, the original heat dissipation of the 7850, even if it is non -public, this kind of high pressure cannot be carried. It will be rolled in a few months. My friend go to mining. One week was abolished, and now it is the money and lost 2,000 yuan, and there is a problem with the motherboard.

  2. The graphics card has a maximum of 4 roads. If there is no support for the PCIE link, you must get professional server boards. The system bus has a total of X16. It can be split into X8 X8 or X4 X4 X4 X4.

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