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  1. VOL is an English word Volume abbreviation.
    vol is a combination of letters of English letters, which represents a variety of meanings. It is not only the abbreviation of capacity and volume, but also a computer command, but also a constellation of flying fish seats.
    volume explanation:
    1, volume; volume; capacity; quantity; quantity; volume; loudness; (in complete sets of books), one volume; book; volume, binding book.
    2, VOL in the stock market is a transaction volume index: The transaction volume refers to the total transaction hand of the individual stock or the large market. It is represented by a pillar in a form. The coordinate value on the left and the horizontal corresponding to the pillar were the general hand of the transaction that day. If the closing price is higher than the opening price on the day, the transaction column is red; otherwise, the transaction column is green.
    3, work number: "Vol." The full writing form is "volume.".
    4, alcohol units: indicate the volume percentage of alcohol dose of alcohol (alcohol), that is, 100 ml of alcohol, how many milliliters of alcohol contains. It used to be quality percentage, represented by m/m%. For example: "25% vol." It means that the alcohol content is 25%, that is, 1 ml of alcohol in 4 ml of alcohol.

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