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    Men will complain, but they will not be in front of women.

    The early morning when he heard He Mo complained that his wife bought the anti -drop pillow for the child.

    "always buy something unnecessary, some things are needed but not necessary."

    "is expensive?" Wen Li asked curiously a bit.

    "dozens of dollars, the home anti -drop pad, this summer is very hot, the child will be injured if the child is on the ground." Buy everything for children, I know this mood, but some things are really unnecessary. "

    " It is estimated that one day it will be arguing because of this consumption. "He Mo Mo Noodles Bring helplessly saying.

    "Divorce is just fine, and then find a stepmother who is a few years younger than her mother." Cao President Cao next to He Mo said with a smile.

    "Knowing you is really my shame" Cao's main person is particularly upset.

    "After marriage, I use the money I earn to buy things for my child."

    has been complaining about his wife's He Mo for 95 years, the ID card is one year younger than the real age The child only gets a marriage certificate after birth.

    This buying a house in Chengdu but not decoration. It has always been a big decoration. The full set of 200,000 decoration is 670,000, and there is no clue.

    The wife still kept buying things at the rental office. He was under pressure and wanted to make money quickly every day.


    men want to make money, but always go the wrong way.

    I Mo graduated from flight attendant. His wife started from school.

    Computer technology to make money. It is normal for a month to be good at 20,000 to 30,000 a month, but it is not good.

    The company invested in the currency circle, Bitcoin virtual currency investment, the currency rose and down the line every day, and the small silence was moving.

    . He spent time to look at coins every day, and his technology is also learning, but he always feels that the results are too slow. Just hold the decoration money to play.

    The on the day there is unexpected situation, the currency circle has plummeted, and the coins bought by 80 % have been lost.

    The money to install the house is gone, and more.

    The dinner with President Cao in the evening, telling President Cao for losing, psychologically depressed, and dare not tell his wife.

    is not enough to install the house, it is even more difficult now. The big man also cried, and President Cao asked him to go back and told his wife to bear it together. It was always good to confess.

    It drunk after drinking home, he cried as soon as he entered the house. He told his wife to buy coins and lost money. The investment failed to pay 80%.

    The wife forgive him to see the child's share, hoping to find a way together, borrow it, or rent a house for a year or two, there will always be a way.


    The failed gambler is that he does not have enough family.

    The ancients of the ancients could not change the shit.

    I Mo is honest for four months. When you go out to eat, you find that friends are playing gambling games. Registered members can have benefits to pull people. The more money is offline, the more money.

    This he knows the routine is the same as MLM, but he is unwilling to lose money in the currency circle and wants to change a place to make money.

    did not pull people, I like to bet in it.

    The is said to be regular, and he kept looking for the law. Every gambler wins the money of Zhuang, but the loser is never Zhuang.

    In at one or two o'clock in the middle of the night, a person turned on the computer to play, the wife and child fell asleep, and began to make money for the child's wife. He, he wants to turn it over.

    . He lost 300,000 one night.

    In the next seven or eight o'clock. In order to prevent his wife from discover abnormalities, work as usual.

    but it is really difficult. If you want to return to the book every day, just return to the book, it is difficult to return the debt, and it is confused to go to work.

    The is not confident when he went home to speak, and his wife found that he was wrong and kept asking. He Mo finally told his wife.

    The wife this time has been dull for a few days. There is no vitality in the family, and my wife is thinking about the future. This has a child. In the future, do you want to follow a very anxious person in the future.

    It 40 or fifty years in the future. Can you bear the debt again, can you eat hard until the child grows up?

    The wife chose to divorce and sell the house Display the debt for him, and give the child as a support for the child.

    It takes only a few hours to break through, and it doesn't take a long time, only between one thought.


    It is not to find his wife, but nothing to find his wife.

    The people said that they are family, friends, and most want to be themselves. They do n’t want to make themselves tired, do n’t want to make themselves too poor, and do n’t want others to look down on them.

    The mistakes to others can never escape poverty forever. It's not because you are young, but you don't know how many pounds you are.

    This is not the reason for making mistakes. At the age of 18, he assumed criminal law, not to mention a person in his twenties.

    is too anxious to be modern young people and want to become Ma Yun overnight.

    This entrepreneur Cao Dewang said in the "Twenty Ten Years".

    He Mo will divorce, not his wife is unwilling to bear it together, it is his anxious psychology to give the child and his wife a sufficient sense of security.

    The wife has to worry about whether he will bet on if he will go to bet, and after gambling, he will make money to borrow money.


    The successful gamblers, gambled is not money, gambling is the times.

    E everyone who succeeded in successful gamblers. They detained wealth in the unknown field of the times. They never speculated and would definitely control risk control. They were just entertaining on the table. They lost pain and itching. Winning was just pocket money.

    The failure gambler only thought of the risk of revenue flickering, and could not control a large amount of funds. With the funds, he would only eat, drink, and fun, and eventually fell from the peak to the bottom of the valley.

    Is when you bet on whether you can mortgage when you bet, is it possible to start from scratch after mortgage.

    It, in the face of money or feelings, we always moth flutter the fire. There is always a trace of hint of trying to try, and regret it after trying.

    In another chance, you will follow the original road. Because he didn't know that he would be so embarrassed now.

    The people will say that they live in the present, just be happy, what is not important to do, what is important is now happy.

    In fact, I do n’t think that happy now does not mean that the future will not regret it, and those who do n’t regret it often have a good future, and they will regret it.

    This will not flow back, you must take every step well.

    Is to find a steady direction in the chasing era.

    The last question: I want to ask a sentence now to change the pain in the future. Is this worth it?

    p: I don't like blind self, just to be happy to ignore the future is extremely irresponsible to myself.

    I I don't know the future, but I must know what the things I do now will affect the future.

    The the worst result when choosing. If you can accept it, do it. If you cannot accept it, you will consider it.

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