wholesale jewelry supply companies What is the cheating of the unlimited gold coins (girl version) of the pasture (girl version)

wholesale jewelry supply companies

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  1. nautical jewelry wholesale prices Money 999999999:
    020068c4: 3B9AC9FF

    The other girls with girls with all girls:
    Event Golden finger
    Rike 02006b84: xxxx n Gray 02006BF0: xxxx
    Dort 02006CF8: xxxx
    Krif 02006D38: xxxx
    Kai 02006D78: xxxx

    Lu: 0337
    0000 Restore normal
    0001 Niu Niu pregnancy
    0002 Niu disease cured
    0003 pregnancy failure
    0005 Muchi gifted horse
    0006 Muchi explore horse
    0007 acres From the beginning of the horses

    0010 Li Ke black heart incident
    0014 Li Ke Zixin Event
    0018 Li Ke Lanxin Incident
    001c Rick Huangxin incident
    001d Xianglike Proposal successful
    0262 The wedding anniversary with Rick
    0265 and Rick 50 years of marriage anniversary
    0274 and Rick BB birthday
    029a and Rick BB birth
    02aa and Rick Rick BB will walk
    02b3 mi, illness
    02b8 and Rick BB will climb

    0020 Kaihei Heart incident
    0021 Kaizi heart event
    0023 Kailan heart incident
    0024 Kaihuangxin incident
    0026 Kaizhu Jindu successfully
    0027 married Kaijie
    0028 Kaixi Reconstruction
    0256 and Kai's wedding anniversary
    0259 R n0279 and Kai BB's birthday
    029c and Kai BB birth
    02a1 and Kai BB will walk
    02B5 and Kai BB will climb
    n0029 Krif black heart incident
    002A Cleve Zixin Incident
    002B Kleve blue heart incident
    002C Kleve Huangxin incident
    002e Krif's proposal success
    002F married Krif r r r r r r r n0030 克里夫婚后称呼rn029d 与克里夫bb出生rn02a4 与克里夫bb会走路了rn02b1 克里夫生病rn02b6 bb会爬了rn
    0031 Gray Black Heart Incident
    0034 Gray Zixin Incident
    0036 Gray Huangxin Incident
    0037 Gray Blue Heart Incident
    0039 Gray successfully proposal
    003a and Gray marriage n003b and Gray After marriage,
    0266 Wedding commemorative day with Gray
    0269 The 50 -year marriage anniversary with Gray
    0276 and Gray BB's birthday
    029b and Gray BB birth
    02ad and Gray BB will walk
    02B4 Gray sick
    02b9 and Gray BB will climb

    0045 Dort? Heart event
    003C Dort? Heart event
    003F Dort? Heart event
    0048 and Dot's proposal successful proposal
    0049 and Dort married
    004A after marriage
    0260 and Dort wedding anniversary The birthday of the day
    0270 and the Dot BB
    029e and the birth of Dort BB
    02a7 and Dort BB will walk
    02B2 Dort ill R n
    0358 Proposal to gourmet proposal
    035b Marriage with gourmet

    035a to propose to Chinese businessmen successfully
    n0050 for the first time
    0053 Mali met for the first time.
    0055 Avey met for the first time
    004b Perbuli met for the first time
    004c cards to meet for the first time

    0246 Zach and sent to the refrigerator
    0247 Zach to send the shed r r r r r r r r
    0248 Zach was sent to the kitchen
    0249 Zach to send the carpet
    024a Zak to send a large bed
    024b Zak to send a kitchen knife
    024c Zak to send it Send the pot
    024F Zach and send the blender
    0250 Zach to send the eggbeater
    0251 Zach to send the oven
    0252 Zac The fruit of Laili
    0254 Zach sent the mirror
    0255 Zach to send the clock
    02c4 Lilia husband Lai letter
    02c8 Lik and Kais quarrel incident
    02c9 Rick and Kalian after marriage
    02cc Kay and Pabuli after marriage
    02ce Pabley pickup incident
    02cf Mucc call event 1
    02d1 Mucci call event 2
    02d2 Sebara visit the Elian incident 1
    02d3 Sebara visit the Elian incident 2
    02d4 Gray and Kais incident
    02d6 Orchard Event 2
    02d8 Tick and Mana quarrel incident
    02da Mana's means event
    02dd Pakar's error event
    02df Pakale's book winning event
    02e4 teaching cuisine Event 1
    02e5 teaching incident event 2
    02e6 Mary's book hot sale
    02e9 medicine grass incident
    02ea, the facial event of the mayor's pasture
    02eb mayor 1
    02ec Facial event of the mayor 2
    02ed Harris' consultation incident 1
    02ee Harris asking event 2
    02ef Monthly beauty event 1
    02F February beauty incident 2
    02f3 Grandpa's grandpa Believe event
    02F7 gets socks event
    02F8 and You together Playing event
    02F9 Jeff's painting event
    02Fa's courage event
    02FD Azuo incident
    0301 Talk about the previous events
    0304 Gambling Wine Competition
    0305 Huo An's great reduction Price event
    0308 Dodot experience event
    030A error test blood type event
    030E Avery medical event
    0311 to give you to the hospital event
    0312 Carter's dream real event
    0314 Carter's selfish event
    0316 Krif pouring incident 1
    0317 Krif pouring the incident 2
    0318 grams to leave the incident
    0319's mother's sacrifice event
    031B to reach Duke's quarrel with Cick
    0321 Duo Duo Birthday incident
    0323 Krif and Lin after marriage
    0324 Pabrillas event
    0325 seaside hut Iraq visit event
    0327 Kay leave incident
    0328 Gobitz's non -work event
    0329 Gezter Eclectic incident
    032a Gobitz and Harris incident n032d Zak's inner event
    032F gets the fishing rod incident
    0332 Fishing to all the fish events
    0333 Huo An visited event
    0334 Huo An sold Apple incidents
    0335 Huo An selling the vase incident
    0336 "Class" "Class" Visiting events
    0337 "Lu" visit event
    0338 tea opening event
    0339 Get the goddess Baibao
    033a Fishing to the Kurangus
    033b to get the blame incident of the villagers of the villagers n033c villagers
    033C villagers
    033D gets real dense treasures
    033E meteor event
    033F 10,000 steps steps of 10,000
    03.4 million steps for 100,000
    03.41 million steps to 1 million n03.41 million R n0342 million steps reached 10 million
    03.43 million steps in the number of steps of 100 million
    03.44 million steps of 1 billion steps
    0345 radish shipments reached 10,000
    0346 The number of radish shipments reaches 100,000
    0347 radish shipments of 1 million
    0348 radish shipments reached 10 million
    0349 radish shipments reached 100 million
    034a radish shipments reached 10 10
    034b can be shipped all the
    0356 ores that can be obtained by obtaining
    Carline and Rick: 03AD, 03AE, 03AF, 03B1,03B2,03B3
    Buli and Kai: 03ba, 03BD, 03BF, 03C2,03C6,03C7
    Mary and Gray: 03E2,03e5 ,03e8 ,03e9, 03EC, 03ed
    Eri and Dot: 03F4,03F7,03FA , 03fd, 0400,0401

    The golden finger modified the weather
    02004e18: xxxx
    0000 sunny day 0002 snow 0004 Typhoon

    Sinicized Chinese hand props
    8 grid back bag: 02006a44: 08

    02006a58: XXXX holding objects 1
    xxxx holding object table
    0000 potato 0200 0200 potato 0200 Cucumber 0300 Strawberry 0400 Babes 0500 Tomato
    0600 Corn 0700 Onion 0800 Pumpkin 0900 Pineapple 0A00 Eggplant 0B00 Carrot
    0c00 Sweet Pepper 0d00 Spinach 0E00 Green Pepper
    0F00 S Egg 1100 L Egg 1300 P Egg
    1400 X type egg 1500 hot spring egg
    1600 egg yolk sauce S type 1700 egg yolk sauce m -type 1800 egg yolk sauce L type 1900 egg yolk sauce G N1C00 Cow milk S type 1D00 Cowana M -type 1E00 Cow milk L type 1F00 Cow milk G type
    2000 Cow milk P type 2100 milk X type
    2200 s cheese 2300 m cheese 2500 g cheese 2600 p cheese
    2700 x Cheese
    2800 Apple 2900 honey 2A00 bamboo shoots 2B00 wild grape 2c00 mushroom
    2d00 poison mushroom 2e00 mushroom
    2F00 green grass 3000 green grass 3200 yellow grass 3300 orange n grass 3400 purple grass 3500 3500 purple grass 3500 Blue grass 3600 black grass 3700 white grass 3800 A month of beauty
    3900 Nutrition drink 3A00 Nutrition Drink (New Product) 3B00 Wake -up Drink
    3C00 Wake -up Drink (New Product)
    3D00 Wine 3E00 grape juice
    3F00 rice ball 4000 bread 4100 oil 4200 wheat flour 4300 curry powder
    4400 meatball powder 4500 chocolate
    4600 leisure tea (relaxed tea) 4700 SUGDW Apple 4800 hmsgb Apple n4900 AEPLL apple
    4A00 buckwheat powder 4B00 wild wine 4C00 salad 4d00 curry rice 4E00 stew
    4F00 flavor soup 5000 fried Vegetables
    5100 fried rice 5200 farewell 5300 sandwiches 5400 fruit juice 5500 vegetable juice
    5600 blend juice 5700 fruit milk 5900 mixed milk 5A00 strawberry milk n5b00 strawberry sauce 5C00 tomato juice 5d00 pickled big dishes n5e00 Baked potato 5F00 pickled cucumber 6000 tomato sauce 6100 popcorn 6200 jade
    m slices 6300 roast corn 6400 pineapple juice
    6500 pumping pudding 6600 stewed pumpkin 6700 roasted eggplant pudding 6900 n roasted sweet potato 6A00 cold cold mix Vegetables
    6b00 scrambled eggs 6c00 vegetable egg roll 6d00 egg fried rice 6E00 white boiled egg 6F00 hot n milk 7000 cream 7100 cheese cake
    7200 cheese 7300 apples 7400 apple sauce 7500 apple 7600 mushroom rice r r r r r r r r r r r
    7700 bamboo shoot rice 7800 pine mushroom rice 7900 sushi
    7A00 jam bread 7b00 cream bread 7c00 grape sauce
    7E00 curry bread 7F00 sashimi
    8000 sushi 8200 pizza 8300 black 苳8400 curry black
    8500 tempura 8600 black burn 8700 buckwheat noodles 8800 tempura noodles 8900 dried pasta 8A00 hot buckwheat noodles 8b00 cookie (should be a biscuit bar) Ice cream 8F00 cake 9000 chocolate cake
    9100 leisure tea (relaxed tea) 9200 toast 9,300 French toast 9400 pudding
    9500 Before boiling 9600 annual cake 9800 grilled rice cake
    9900 Failure 9a00 failure work 9C00 Failure 9d00 Failure
    9e00 Failure 9F00 Failure as an000 fish A100 Chinese Fish A200 Big Fish A300 Baked Rice A500 Egg Rice A600 Porridge A700 Hot Cake Fried meat cakes
    0001 0 0101 Cat Mint 0201 Blue Fantasy Grass 0301 Red Fantasy Grass 0401 Three -color Flower
    0501 Wool S -shaped wool 0601 Wool M -shaped wool L -shaped wool n0801 wool G G Type wool 09 01 wool P type wool 0A01 wool X type wool
    0b01 S type wool ball 0C01 m -type wool ball 0d01 L type wool ball 0e01 G type wool ball
    0F01 P -type wool ball 1001 X type wool ball n110111101 n1101 Waste ore 1201 Copper 1301 Silver 1401 Gold 1501 Mystery 1601 Oliha Crystal
    1701 Ademan King Kong Stone 1801st Stone 1901 Desert Rose Stone
    1A01 Pink ore 1B01 Alexander 1C01 Sage 1d01 Diamond
    1E01 emerald 1F01 ruby ​​
    2001 yellow jade 2101 olive 2201 fluorite 2301 agate 2401 amethyst
    2501 Goddess jade 2601 Kuchu Jade 2701 Real Jade
    2801 Unused props 2A01 Using props 2B01 does not use props
    2c01 bracelet 2D01 necklace 2E01 earrings 2F01 brooch n3001 weed 3101 stone 3201 branches
    3301 roasted sweet potato cooking bottle 3401 tomato sauce bottle 3501
    3601 Pirate Treasure 3701 Ancient fish fossils 3801 empty can 3901 boots 3A01 fish bone head
    3b01 Kalian's wine 3C01 Perbley's mud? Dry flowers
    4001 CD1 Spring Song 4101 CD2 program dance music 4201 CD3 Autumn Song 4301 CD4 Lisarius
    4401 CD5 Women's Lisa 4501 CD6 Girl Love Song 4601 CD7 Summer Song
    4701 CD8 Forest Dance 4801 CD9 Ranch The Song of the Autumn Festival 4901 CD10 Night Song
    4A01 Uncosting 4B01 Unwanted Records 4C01 No Records 4d01 Unc Recer 4E01 All Music 4F01 CD N64 No.17 (Blue)
    5001 New CD PS2 Love
    5101 Perfume 5201 grams of photos
    5801 Plant Encyclopedia 5401 Little Dwarf Voluals 5501 Skirt
    5601 Mask 5701 Landwater 5D01 sunscreen n5901 Material 5A01 Gold Material 5B01 Cow -sheep Fragrant Cao 5C01 Chicken Feed
    5401 Guess Boxing 100 Goddess Certificate 5E01 Dog Flying Disk
    5301 CD Poet Poet

    Tools in the box 1 0200518c: XX Number 1 0200518d: XX
    00 sickle 01 Copper sickle 02 Silver Sickle 03 Silver Sickle 05 Mysterious sickle r r r r r r r r r n06 blessing sickle 07 wise sickle
    08 hoe 09 copper hoe 0A silver hoe 0B gold hoe 0C secrets 0d cursed hoe
    0 blessing hoe 13 Golden Ax 14 Secret Silver Ax 15 Curse Ax 16 Blessing Ax
    17 Sage Ax
    18 Bronze Hammer 1A Silver Hammer 1B Golden Warm Hammer 1C Silver Hammer 1D Curse Hammer
    1E Blessings Hammer 1F Sage Hammer
    20 kettle 21 copper kettle 22 Silver kettle 23 Gold kettle 24 Mysterious kettle 25 Curse
    26 blessing kettle 27 Sage kettle
    29 Copper fishing rod 2A Silver Fishing Rod 2B 2B Golden fishing rod 2C secret silver fishing rod 2D curse fishing rod
    2E blessing fishing rod 2F sage fishing rod
    30 beef species 31 sheep species
    32 white radish seeds 33 sweet potato seeds 35 cucumber seeds 36 strawberry seeds 36 packs of cabbage seed r r r r r r r r r
    37 Tomato seeds 38 corn seeds 39 onion seeds 3A pumpkin seeds 3B pineapple seeds
    3c eggplant seeds 3d carrot seeds 3E sweet potato seeds 3F spinach seed
    40 pasta seeds 43 Mint 44 fantasy Flower 45 three -color flower
    46 Brush 47 Milk 48 Scissors 49 Bells 4A Animal Pharmaceutical 4B Green Feather
    4C Flight 4D Flying Stone 4E Goddess 4F Kuki Treasure 50 Real Treasure N99999999999 999999999999999999999999 999999999999 :
    020068C4: 3B9AC9FF

    02006a39: ff

    Fruit of Power:
    02006A38: FF

    The size of the house:
    02005000: xx
    00 small 02 in small
    n The most good sense of dogs:
    02006aa6: FFFF

    The chic
    02005262: ff
    02005292: ff
    020052c2: ff
    020052f2: ff
    02005322: FF
    02005352: FF
    02005382: ff
    020053b2: ff

    02005456: ff
    02005492: ff
    020054ce: ff
    0200550f: ff r n02005546:FFrn02005582:FFrn020055BE:FFrn020055FA:FFrn02005536:FFrn02005672:FFrn020056AE:FFrn020056EA:FFrn02005726 : FF
    0200579A: FF
    020057DA: FF

    Seasoning changes:

    02004e1d: 10 spring
    02004e1d: 11 summer

    02004e1d: 12 autumn

    02004e1d: 13 winter

    n02004e1e: 7808 at 8 am
    02004e1e: 7809 AM
    02004e1e: 780a at 10 am
    02004e1e: 780B at 11 am
    02004e1e: 780c noon n02004e1e: 780d at 1 pm
    02004e1e: 780E at 2 pm
    02004e1e: 780F at 3 pm
    02004e1e: 7810 pm at 4 pm
    02004e1e: 7811 5 pm
    02004e1e: 7812 pm
    02004e1e: 78133313 At 7 pm
    02004e1e: 7814 pm at 8 pm
    02004e1e: 7815 pm 9 pm
    02004e1e: 7816 pm at 10 pm
    02004e1e: 7817 pm
    02004e1e: 7800 pm at 12 pm r r
    02004e1e: 7801 AM
    02004e1e: 7802 AM at 2 am
    02004e1e: 7803 AM
    02004e1e: 7804 AM
    02004e1e: 7805 AM
    r r r
    分钟:rn02004E1F:xxrnxx=以下rn10零分rn11十分rn12二十分rn13三十分rn14四十分r n15 fifty points

    Flying stone:
    0200518c: 014d

    automatic chicken feeding:
    0200522e: ff

    automatic cattle sheep:
    0200540e : Ff

    Villas: 020025d8: xx or 02004e0c: xx
    xx = below
    01 mountain 04 sea 07 all

    People, boys forging houses, chickens, men of the Sea, Doctor, Kuji, Gourmet, Chinese Merchant):
    02006D3D: FF
    02006BF5: FF
    02006B89: ff
    02006d7d: FF
    02006cfd: ff
    02006e05: ff
    02006dd8: ff
    02006dbf: ff
    Direct marriage:
    02006d3e: ff n02006bf6: ff n02006b8a: ff
    02006D7E: FF
    02006CFE: FF
    02006E06: FF
    02006dd9: FF
    02006dc0: FF
    n n
    The favorability of seven dwarves (red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, red, green, (sequence, from top to bottom):
    02006e3c: ff
    02006e60: ff
    02006e8e: ff
    02006ea8: ff
    02006ecc: ff
    02006ef0: ff
    02006f14: ff
    : FF
    02006e4a: FF

    02006e6c: ff
    02006e6d: ff
    02006e6e: FF
    n purple
    02006e90: FF
    02006e91: ff
    02006e92: ff

    of red
    02006eb4: ff
    02006eb5: ff
    02006eb6: ff
    n cyan
    n02006ed8: ff
    02006ed9: ff
    02006eda: ff

    02006efc: ff
    02006efd: ff
    02006efe: ff

    02006F20: FF
    02006 F21: FF
    02006F22: FF

    02004e1c: xx
    xx = year
    02004e1d: xx
    xx = below
    00 = spring 1 n01 = summer 1
    02 = autumn 1
    03 = winter 1
    04 = spring 2
    05 = summer 2
    06 = autumn 2 n07 = winter 2
    08 = spring 3 3
    09 = summer 3
    0a = autumn 3
    0b = winter 3
    0c = spring 4
    0d = summer 4
    0e 4
    0F = winter 4 4
    10 = spring 5
    ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... have sooted.
    The calculation method is as follows:
    The golden finger calculation method in spring: (Date -1) X4 is then converted into hexadecimal
    In summer gold finger calculation methods: (Date-1) X4 1 and then turn to hexadecimal
    The autumn gold finger calculation method: (Date-1) x4 2 Then convert to hexadecimal
    The golden finger calculation method of winter: (Date-1) X4 3 then convert to hexadecimal
    wed to 6th advancement:
    01 = 1
    02 = 2
    03 = 3
    04 = 4
    05 = 5
    06 = 6
    07 = 7
    08 = 8
    10 = A
    11 = b
    12 = c
    13 = d
    14 = E
    15 = f
    for example:
    The calculation method of winter 24 24-1) X4 3 = 95
    95/16 = 5 ... 15
    95: 5F

    n0200793C: 01xx
    xx = below
    00 (chrysanthemum)
    01 (pink rose)
    02 (blue fantasy grass)
    03 (red fantasy grass) n04 (cherry cherry Flower)
    05 wool S
    06 wool M
    07 wool L
    08 wool G
    09 wool P
    0A wool X
    0B wool group S n0c wool wool wool Group M
    0D wool group L
    0E wool group G
    0F wool group P
    10 wool x
    11 (waste ore)
    12 copper ore
    13 silver ore ore
    14 Gold ore
    15 (secret sapphire)
    1c sage stone
    16 (marble, making jewelry)
    17 N18 (gray crystal, value of $ 55)
    19 (pink crystal, value of $ 60)
    1A (pink crystal, worth $ 10000)
    1b (emerald, value of $ 10000) r
    1d (pink blue crystal, value of $ 100)
    1e (light green stone, value of $ 80)
    1F (red stone, value of $ 75)
    20 (yellow stone, value $ 70)
    21 (green n21 (green Crystal, worth $ 68)
    22 fluorite (green stone, value of $ 65)
    23 (orange stones, value of $ 62)
    24 (purple stone, worth $ 60)
    25 Goddess jade of the goddess of goddess goddess (One of the stones of the secret)
    26 The jade of the kohar, one of the secrets of the secret)
    27 Real jade (one of the secrets of the secret)
    2c (blue neck decoration, for girl)
    2D (pink neck decoration, given to girls)
    2e Branches
    33 (the method of making "French fries" is a bottle of CITIC)
    34 (making "eggplant juice" method, which is a bottle of CITIC)
    35 (dog ball, training dogs for training dogs )
    36 Pirate Treasure (can be sold at high prices)
    37 fossil fish (can be sold at high prices)
    38 (garbage) n39 boots (garbage)
    3A fish bone ( Garbage)
    3B Class of Class
    3c can watch the device of all programs
    3D mirror box (use the mirror)
    3E (a unknown book)
    3f goddess of goddess goddess Flowers (an unknown flower)
    40 to 49 1 to 10 (music CD, can be listened to CD machine)
    4A to 4E (CD without music)
    4F (tape, I do n’t know if it is used, but The five girls in Town like it very much, maybe it is a gift like perfume)
    50 (the medal given you by the goddess, not useful)
    51 perfume (the five girls in the machi like)
    52 (photo, photo, photo, photo, photos, photos, photos, photos, photos, photos, photos, photos, photos, photos, photos. I don't know what to use for the time being)
    53 Plant Encyclopedia
    54 Admissions Volume
    55 (given to girls)
    56 (mask, given to girls)
    57 lotion (give girls to girls )
    58 (Sun oil, given to girls)
    59 materials
    5A gold capital materials
    5b (food of cattle and sheep)
    5c (chicken food)
    5d ( The medal given you by the goddess, no use)
    5e (flying saucer played with dogs)

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