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  1. quartz for jewelry making wholesale The Fun Magic Box was developed and operated by Misi Network Technology Co., Ltd. Hebei Misi Network Technology Co., Ltd., which was established at 2020-06-09, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. The legal representative is Fan Yangming. In order, the registered address is 403, No. 150 Yuejin Road, Shijiazhuang District, Hebei Province. The business scope includes general projects: software development; technical services, technical development, technical consultation, technical exchanges, technical transfer, technical promotion; Products for permits);
    TV computer software and hardware and auxiliary equipment wholesale; sales of electronic special materials; sales of office supplies; network and information security software development; sales agency; communication equipment sales; business agency service; advertising design, agent; Information consulting services (excluding license information consulting services); advertising release; advertising production; graphic design;
    network technology services; network equipment sales; information security equipment sales; Internet security services; information technology consulting services; ticket agency agents; ticket agency agents Services; food Internet sales (only pre -packaged food); food sales (only pre -packaged food);
    The first type of medical device sales (except for the projects required according to law, operate with business licenses according to law Activity).
    Liberation items: Internet information services; basic telecommunications business.

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