Jewelry appraiser: How to tell the truth at a glance? Here are a few tips, simple and practical

Jewelry appraisers are professional jewelry store clerks who provide customers with information about the quality and price of gemstones. If you want to become a qualified jewelry store employee, then read this article!

1. Basic knowledge of jewelry appraisal

Jewelry appraisal is a very professional technology that requires a lot of practice to master. To be a qualified jewelry appraiser, you must first understand the knowledge of precious stones and precious metals. Basic knowledge of gemology including color, transparency, gloss, shape, etc. The basic aspects of metal science include hardness, density, specific gravity, chemical composition and mineral characteristics; The basic knowledge of gold and silver mainly refers to the understanding of the processing principle of gold and silver in the process of jewelry making. What is the Birth Flowers Jewelry? You may not be very familiar with these professional knowledge, but if you can get a correct understanding through learning, it will play a huge role in jewelry appraisal. In addition, jewelry appraisal also involves some psychological knowledge, because many people want to obtain a beautiful and desirable appearance when buying valuable items. So, knowing something about aesthetics will help you to look more beautiful. In short, in order to become an excellent jewelry appraiser, in addition to a certain theoretical knowledge, but also have strong practical experience and practical ability.

2: How to tell the truth at a glance? Here are a few tips, simple and practical

What are the basic skills a jewelry appraiser needs to have? How to tell the truth at a glance? Here are a few tips, simple and practical. First, know the basics, including diamonds, gold and jewelry. Secondly, observe the luster of the item, if there is a sense of luster, it is not real; The opposite is false. Also, pay attention to color, texture, and shape, which can affect the appearance of the stone. Finally, preliminary testing can be done in the laboratory, that is, taking pictures of the object with a microscope or digital camera, recording relevant data, and then comparing it with theoretical values to draw conclusions.

Finally, I hope you can correctly identify the true and false of a gem after learning this article.

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