How to make a fast remote control car, easy to learn!

Want to make a fast remote control car, easy to learn! The first thing you need to know is what is a remote control? What does it do? Then prepare materials based on this information and make them by hand.

1: Prepare the materials

Materials :1. Gyroscope 2. Remote control switch 3. Power supply 4. Battery 5. Support 6. Spring 7. Rope 8. Print strip 9. Metal rod 10. Car model 11. Battery 12. Spare parts 13. Other accessories 14. Eyeglass case 15. Wire 16. Computer board 17. Toolbox 18. Engine 19. Wheels 20. Display 21. Motor 22. Camera 23. Remote control 24. Radio 25. Charger 26. Tire 27. Turn signal 28. Brake 29. Tachometer 30. Odometer 31. Power meter 32. Temperature test

2: Production methods and steps

How to make it: 1. First, get a small remote control car. 2. Then, install an induction device on it. 3. Turn the car on again. This is toy robot dog. 4. Next, input some digital signals into the sensor. 5. Finally, adjust these signals through the control panel. Steps :1) Determine the location of the car; 2) Set the speed value; 3) Start the car; 4) Click the button next to the steering wheel; 5) Start moving forward/backward; 6) Continue to the next destination/stop. Note :1) If the vehicle fails or the battery is low, you can hold down the Shift key in the cab to unlock it or use the USB interface to charge it;

3: Precautions

1. First, you need to get some necessary materials: tape, tape paper, rope, etc. These materials could facilitate the rapid construction of remote control cars. 2. Secondly, in the production process, we should pay attention to the use of correct tools and methods to avoid damaging equipment or parts. 3. Finally, pay attention to safety in order to avoid accidents. 4. If you encounter any difficulties, don't give up and keep on creating.

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