1 thought on “Decoration company WeChat plus people skills”

  1. The WeChat plus skills of the decoration company are as follows:
    1, the owner's mobile phone number: WeChat code (the owner's mobile phone number is in the property, or directly sweep the building), I believe these are not difficult for veterans of the business; The main number of the industry is opened directly: You said that there is an event notification after adding it, or sending some renderings. These are the most direct reasons for finding customers to WeChat, add WeChat;
    3, search nearby people in the community: This method is more dangerous. What should I do if I encounter a bad guy? But there is also a certain chance of success. Men are best to change a beautiful image, and beauty is best to use a beautiful image image. It is easier to add up;
    4, the owner WeChat group: Generally, it is pulled in by customers who have cooperated. After entering, the owner is disguised, but do n’t advertise inside. You can ask where to buy bricks? Where to decorate it? Looking for the opportunity to add some familiar owners;
    5, owner QQ group: QQ is the WeChat signal, you can add WeChat together after adding QQ, slowly find the opportunity to cut into chat.

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